Customers’ Skin Transformation Testimonials

Going organic with skincare

Find out why our customers choose Kew Organics

Our skin is the largest organ and it absorbs everything we apply on it. Mindful of this fact, our customers refuse to use conventional products that are filled with cheap synthetics and nasties which are quick fixes and do not solve the problem at its roots. They choose Kew Organics because they want to be harnessed by the power of clean beauty.

I had been experiencing skin problems for at least 10 years after school days- acne scars, pimple marks, dull complexion and big pores. I had never used eye cream, fruit peel nor serum before and Kew Organics was the first place I tried the products. My skin is now much smoother and more bright and glowy! I saw the difference within a month and my mother and colleagues complimented me. I heard about the store via news articles and chanced upon the Cluny Court outlet at its opening. I definitely recommend Kew organics for the nicest fragrance in skincare ever and effective, potent active ingredients in the products. The smell of the megaboost serum and the oil-free kiwi gel is essential aromatherapy and wonderful skin goodness – my go-to aids for skin and preparing and winding down from stressful days at work. Try it to see the Kew Organics difference! The facials are so thorough and comprehensive – the sincere service, heavenly products and wonderful massage make you come back for more! You will get better skin over time, and with maintenance from facials and regular use of their products!”

– Mel Lim

“I’ve always had combination skin and I tend to get breakouts on my chin and blackheads on my nose, for the past few years. I go for facial treatment at Kew Organics once a month. I see a difference after 3-4 sessions as I get less breakouts on my chin. I found out about Kew Organics through my Friend. She recommended that I try out. I will and have recommended to my friends as the facials are effective, relaxing and extraction is done quickly. Facial therapists are all skillful and friendly. I always feel happy visiting during my monthly treatments. The products are of high quality too.”

– Michelle

“I’ve always struggled with my combination skin, with issues such as an oily t-zone, blackheads, whiteheads, small bumps and dull skin. I’ve tried many different brands of skincare but have not found one that worked for me. After finding out about organic skincare, I tried searching online for various skincare brands and facials available in Singapore. There really weren’t many. I found some reviews on the Kew Organics’ peel and tried it out before my wedding. I really liked the results so I decided to take a leap of faith and switched to their skincare products. I absolutely love their products as they are not only effective but also safe to use from my journey of trying to conceive, through my pregnancy and now as a nursing mum. I notice less blackheads and whiteheads now, my skin is also more balanced and my complexion is more even. I would 100% recommend Kew Organics because the products work and most importantly they are made with natural and organic ingredients.”

– Sheryln

“I dont need mei-tu filter anymore. Over the years, I have experimented various products; highly raved over-the-counter facial products and dermatologist products to attain my beauty goal of having flawless skin. Despite these pricey products, my skin still remains oily and scarred with blemishes.

It was only when I was pregnant with my second kid that I came across Kew Organics as I was searching for something ‘safe’ to fix my dull skin tone and that I couldn’t go for the traditional light therapy/facial. After my first visit at Kew, I was pleasantly surprised with how squeaky clean my face felt (I never had the feeling since the start of my pregnancy). Also, I was told that the product which they used were all organic and thus safe to be used on pregnant women.

The products which I bought after the facial – the Japanese knotweed coconut hydra cleanser, and clear skin treatment essence – soon became part of my skincare routine. As it was hard to squeeze time for time-consuming facial regime (having to deal with a toddler while being pregnant), these Kew products were easy to apply and do mot require other forms of extensive facial regime. Soon, my skin clears up and I love the feeling I have when I touch my face every time; it felt smoother. Though there are still occasional blemishes, I was complimented of looking more radiant as before. And I began to use less make-up which causes the blemishes plagued face. I will continue with Kew’s facial and products after the arrival of my second child, and hopefully, I could advance to scar removal soon.”

– Katherine

“Since the start of the pregnancy-6 months without a proper extraction or deep cleansing facial. Limited products and treatments due to the hypersensitivity cause by pregnancy hormones. Within a week of just oxygen treatments, my damaged skin begun to calm down a little. Had a treatment every week and finally in the 3rd week or so had a full facial with extraction. It was just instant relief for my skin which felt like it could finally breathe. I also took home some basic products which were very gentle yet hydrating. After a month of weekly hydrating treatments, even my husband complimented on the difference. *(We ALL know how ‘observant’ husbands are…) I used to be Lily’s customer at her previous facial salon. Her business ethics and detailed care of her customers has not wavered. Her products are safe and effective yet good value for money. I would recommend Kew Organics to anyone who wants to take charge of their skin care and find a safe ‘home for their skin’. The therapists do not hard sell their products or services as the quality speaks for itself. It is the ONLY truly organic range of products that have been comforting and nursing my frazzled pregnancy hormones back to health. No other products for me!”

– Melissa Ng

“I had been experiencing acne since 18 years old, and would be under control only when I used heavy creams that ruined the health of my skin. I started to be concerned about the chemicals that I was putting into my body for the sake of a clear complexion.

After a mini consultation with Lily, I was recommended a series of products – Double cleansing, toning, a serum and eye cream. Within a week I experienced my complexion improving! I was also less worried using the products due to most of the ingredients being organic. They also smelled good and it was enjoyable using them daily.

I got to know the brand through a masterclass conducted by Lily, and appreciated the knowledge shared about skincare. Also learned the thought and dedication that went into developing the Kew organics range. I’ve been introducing the brand to family and friends who have noticed my transformation. ”

– Jemima

“I have always been careful with my selection of skincare products. Our skin is the largest organ. Therefore, my choice of skincare products have to be natural with no GMO ingredients. As I am a runner, my skin is always exposed to sun and sweat. My skin was dehydrated and pigmented. I chanced upon Kew Organics through the newspapers a few years ago. A local brand offering natural skincare products. I was intrigued and eager to find out more. I had my first facial and the experience was divine. The ambience was cosy. The touch pressure from the therapist was just right. The same skincare products were used during the facials which mean I could continue using them at home. After a period of approximately 6 months, my skin condition improved. It was less dehydrated. Pigmentation was lighter. Skin looks clearer. I have been very diligent in my skincare regime and have regular facials since. Most recently, I am confident to go to work make up free. No primer, no concealer and no foundation! I would strongly recommend Kew Organics to anyone looking for organic skincare products. The ingredients are natural and organic. What I am most proud of is Kew Organics is a homegrown brand offering high quality and effective products.”

– Linda

“I have been a loyal supporter of Kew Organics for the last two years. While I had generally “good” skin insofar as I had no pimples, my skin was dull and sallow looking. All this changed once I started regular facials with Kew Organics, and used their in-house products on a daily basis. Their therapists are extremely professional, and go the extra mile to diagnose any skin issues that you may have just before commencing each treatment. This has helped to ensure that my skin receives the appropriate treatment. Thanks to this, I walk out of each facial glowing. Makeup free skin is now a reality!

While Kew Organics’ treatments and products may not be the cheapest around, I know that I am paying for a quality product. Thank you Kew Organics for taking care of my skin.”

– Charlene

”Thank you to everyone in Kew Organics for being so hospitable, as always!

It felt like I stepped into heaven and floating on cloud 9 and every time I felt reluctant to leave the shop and wished that I could get myself pampered once more!

I was introduced to Kew Organics approximately 1.5years ago. I never believed any off counter skincare all my life and I always buy for the sake of buying something to apply but never once I saw any results.

I’ve been blessed with no acne but that doesn’t mean I get away scot free with beautiful skin. It was nothing near that! I was plagued with freckles, extremely dry & uneven skin tone and I look tired and yellowish whenever I’m out without make up. I will never attempt to look eye to eye at anyone nor will I look myself into the mirrors in the mall. Each and every time, I prayed no one recognises me.

The minute I met Lily, I told myself I want a skin like hers! However, I was still skeptical and reluctant to invest. Hence I only bought Acai Cleanser, Knotweed cleanser, Megaboost, clear skin treatment essence and jojoba which has been discontinued. Within 2 weeks, I felt that my skin was cleaner and lighter after each cleanse, there were no tight feeling at all. The products absorbed well and my skin felt hydrated and the flaky skin decreased tremendously. I went on to purchase megaboost, sunblock and the rest of the product till I’m using almost everything. I love how the sunblock is non sticky and non oily!

After home care with the products and mask that I’ve purchased, I decided to try out express and full facials and every session produce positive results and it felt like I just fed my skin with goodness!

Today, after 1.5years or using only Kew Organics Products, my skin brightened by heaps and bounds, freckles were almost in evident and I even look rosy at times! Not only can I go out make up free, I can even run up to someone familiar and say Hi!

Thank you Kew Organics!!!”

– Magdelene

“I have you been experiencing your skin problems for 1 Year. My skin has improved drastically with my therapist at Kew Organics. I saw and felt the results after my 3rd session. I know about Kew Organics from FB/IG ad and would definitely recommend Kew Organics! ”

– Jasmine

“Just like to thank you and team for the wonderful job you have done in taking care of my skin. I remember in August 2018 when I first showed my skin was dry, flaky, sensitive and I had painful outbreaks at the chin area. I was really at a loss of what to do then already because I had tried all kinds of skincare, but my skin remained problematic to say the very least. Just one year plus of care by your team and using Kew Organics products, I saw improvement in my skin by the month and by mid-2019, I was using minimal or no foundation on my face and still confident to step out of the house. My skin is feeling healthy and strong, no breakouts, no oily patches and the biggest affirmation came today… I was having a corporate photoshoot and lo and behold, the make-up artiste said “you have very good skin!”…first time in my life that I heard that. Thank you! Can’t say enough.”

– Yvonne

“I have been facing acne skin problem when I was in secondary school, trying out different methods in hoping to get it cured, but it just didn’t work out for me. Until I met Kew Organics, I can see the obvious results from a few treatments taken! Though I know the recovery process takes time , but now I am able to go out without any makeup. Thanks to the advanced internet and social media for introducing me to Kew Organics!”

– Si Ying

“I have been experiencing clogged pores on my face resulting in acne. I saw the reviews of Kew Organics online and decided to give it a try! Soon after a few months, I can feel the difference and my pores are not so clogged anymore. After a year of facial sessions, my face is almost clear now! :)”

– Jilian

“Can I give a big shout-out to my therapists? I truly look forward to my monthly facial sessions with them, especially since I know I’m in good hands! My acne prone skin has been giving me the biggest headache and endless frustration for almost 10 years and throughout the trying process, I have invested a lot of time, effort and money into trying to find the perfect solution but to no avail. Chancing upon an interview done by local magazine 8days, I got to know about Kew Organics and decided to give their organic facial treatments a go! Just after the first session, my skin looked and felt better. We went through the process of analysing and understanding my skin concerns. The knowledgeable and friendly therapists also helped to explain which products are suitable for my skin and how best I can tweak my current skincare routine to complement and make the facials even more effective. Four sessions in, I can confidently say that my skin has improved tremendously with all the positive feedback from my friends and family. Acne appearance has been reduced and controlled and I no longer feel frustrated by the state of my skin. Thank you Kew Organics for restoring my faith in the make-up free skincare journey! ”

– Zi Yu

” I love Kew Organics!

I’ve been experiencing skin problems since 19yrs old. I’ve been to dermatologist a couple of times over the last decade, but every time the skin will recover for a while and then acne will start surfacing again. I thought I will never find a permanent cure to it. Till I tried Kew Organics recommended by my sister. My sister said “you won’t have good skin if u don’t allow yourself to invest a little”. I started Kew Organics in May 2019. I started seeing improvement in just one month. I began applying their products daily and going for their treatment monthly. By September 2019, I am comfortable to go out without make up. I still do have some scars that have yet to completely fade away, but pimples are popping out less regularly. Now I enjoy being make up free and letting the skin breathe! I will definitely recommend Kew Organics to everyone out there! And especially to people who are constantly troubled by acne issues, I am a living example! ”

– Celestine

“I’ve had sensitive combination skin since puberty and suffered from late teen, early adulthood acne that dragged on throughout my twenties. it was very tough and I explored every type of medicine there was, both western and traditional (Chinese & Jamu too) and every kind of product for acne. Saw various types of skin Doctors even but everything worked only temporarily and acne would come back once I went off meds or pills. From antibiotics and accutane to really costly specialist products for troubled skin, all of it couldn’t cure the condition permanently.

So I got desperate and tired n was on the hunt for products to help me ‘naturally’ as I was so sick of chemical laden stuff. I also would alter my diet and had to stop all nuts, sugar n stuff. Then I chanced upon Kew Organics Sugar K bar at Cluny Court! Tried out their sugarcane peel and was blown away!! it was life changing. I also tried the Apple serum and it really really helped my skin heal, and improve old scars. I really hope to continue using Kew Organics for the long run. The products are terms of ingredients and how they are made. The quality is impeccable, the use of special glass to maintain them at their best is so amazing. I love the texture and consistency, gel like n not creamy or clogging n doesn’t feel heavy on skin, perfect for our climate. Very impressed with the service and knowledge of staff.. it’s not easy for me to trust people on this line cause of my long history and usage of ineffective products. But Kew Organics restored my faith and hope that I could have healthy skin once again.”

– Lavinia

“I’ve been afflicted with temperamental, acne-prone, clogged skin for close to 10 years, with some years being better (and more expensive) than others but I never came close to a permanent solution to address my skin concerns before Kew Organics. All I wish for is for my skin to be more manageable and predictable (not even flawless skin!!) and I’m happy to say that I see that improvement now from using Kew Organic’s skincare products and going for your facials.

Since getting to know about Kew Organics, switching out my skincare for organic skincare and going for your facials regularly, my skin has gradually improved. To be honest, it took close to 6 months to witness actual improvement in the appearance of my skin; it was not a quick transformation for me. However, that’s not to say you will not notice or experience change over time. I noticed that my skin has become more predictable – my breakouts are now further apart, the tendency for pores to be clogged/re-clogged (yes my skin is pretty annoying) at the usual problematic areas have decreased, the extent of oiliness by night has decreased.

I found out about Kew Organics at the Boutiques Fair and will recommend them to anyone because their service is great and they are a friendly and attentive team of people who are sincere about improving your skin or helping you manage your skin better.”

– Joey

“Since puberty I’ve struggled with sensitive skin. It was very hard finding skincare products that won’t dry my skin out and also won’t make me break out. I think after I switched my skincare regime to keep organics after taking a masterclass, I could see my skin starting to clear up after a week. I had less whiteheads and less breakouts. I first walked past their sugar k bar in OUE and Cluny and was very intrigued. I like their products and knowing that they are all organic and doesn’t irritate my skin is a major plus point. ”

– Stacey

“I have always had blemish-prone, sensitive and eczema-prone skin since young, and the eczema worsened as I grew older with the stress from work and dust from work sites (coz I’m in construction). I read so many wonderful reviews about Kew organics, and decided to take the leap of faith! Coz I never react well with facials and facial products… BUT, OMG!!! The facial was amazing, and with the organic products, my skin looks and feels so much better these days! Lily (the founder) and my therapist were always so patient to guide me through all the products as well as what food would help to soothe my skin issues! They are just amazing and nowadays, I dare to walk out of my house on weekends, MAKE-UP FREE!!! Feels so good to be able to do that!!! Definitely a must-go to place for facials and products!

Thanks Lily and my therapist for everything!!”

– Melissa

“I was exposed to Kew Organics on Instagram by an influencer and I was immediately drawn to the differences the treatment made – her before and after photos really got my attention. However, I was running facial packages at other beauty parlours so I didn’t think it was the right time to make the switch until I have fully completed my package. About 6 months down the road, I’ve decided to try my first facial at Kew Organics since it was at the back of my head for some time. I remember the treatment process to be extremely relaxing and detailed. I don’t think I have ever been to a facial that is this meticulous and it kind of felt “premium”. When I have completed my facial, I was in complete awe that my skin looked so clean and radiant. It has exceeded my expectations! On that very day itself, I made a complete switch of all my products to Kew’s because I believe that organic products do go a long way and are great for our skin!

These are the products that I am currently using for about 4-5 months now. (Not in order)

Apple Vitaglow Serum
Cacao Okra Age Defying Serum
Clear Skin Treatment Essence (I LOVE THIS!)
Elixir Hydrating Concentrate Serum
Japanese Knotweed Coconut Hydra Cleanser
Mandarin Acai Cleansing Lotion (Best make-up remover. FUSS FREE!)
Megaboost Hyaluronic+ Concentrate Serum
Resveratrol Rooibos Anti-oxidant Toner
Sugar Cane Royal Flush Exfoliant
Ultra-Revive H20+ Masque (Replenished once!)

I have been a firm believer of taking good care of my skin since young. While I do not have any major skin problems, I do have dry, sensitive skin and enlarged pores. These products have genuinely helped in my overall complexion. My skin has never experienced dryness and peeling ever since I started heavily relying on the moisturizer (Ultra-Revive H20+ Masque). To be honest, I thought that organic products would take longer to see the great effects and differences but Kew’s products proved me wrong. The products are so effective and lightweight that it primes my skin so well and makes an extremely good make up base!

I have recommended Kew Organics to many friends till date and they have also raved about the goodness of the facial that one of them even purchased the most expensive package! My friends who are sold are spreading their love to more of their friends too! I hope Kew Organics continues to help more ladies who are currently experiencing skin problems. Ladies, all you need to do is to take the first step and the rest will be history!”

– Jocelyn

“Since teenage years, my skin has been always sensitive. I was also plagued with pimples and large pores around my T zone. I tried many products but none seems to work until I started using my previous skincare products. It worked, and I have been using them for a good past 5 years. During the 5 years, my skin started to get better. It was only last year that I felt my face getting very sensitive, a sensation which I did not even feel when I was a teenager. Coincidentally someone on Instagram recommended me Kew Organics. After doing some research and knowing that it is a local brand, I decided to try it out. Within a month or two the sensitive sensation is gone after 2 sessions of Kew Organics facials and using the products. I was pretty surprised at how fast my face healed. I also attended the Masterclass conducted by Lily and that deepens my knowledge on Kew Organics, and from there I was full sold to this brand. I love how simple the skincare regime is and the ingredients used in the products. Most importantly, the therapists are not pushy about their services and products which makes the whole facial experience even better.

My photo attached is my first time using Ultra-Revive H2O+ Masque after my first facial. Some redness can still be spotted.

I have since recommended Kew Organics to several of my friends. 🙂 ”

– Clarice

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