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by admin 30 Jun 2020
Don’t know about you, but the first thing many did when shops reopened in phase 2 was to do facials, as seen in a surge in our appointments. That was because, during the lockdown period, many missed a couple of months’ facials, thus causing skin problems such as sudden breakouts, an increase in the sebum production, uneven and dull skin tone, sensitivity, eczema, just to name a few. The circuit breaker proved facials are a necessity, not a want.

COVID-related skin problems

There’s this one facial we’ll like to talk about today; the facial that puts an end to your skin woes.  Introducing (Drumroll) our pampering Cryo Posh Organic Facial. This bespoke organic treatment improves your skin’s clarity in just one session. No wonder it is the winner of Cleo Clear Skin Awards 2020 – The Best Barrier-Boosting Facial How this multi-functional facial treatment resolves your skin problems
Cryo Posh Organic Facial is effective, result proven and ultra-relaxing! If you are new to this treatment, here’s a quick rundown; Temperature as low as minus 15-degree celsius cooling electroporation hand metal piece lightly glides on the surface of the skin to treat and target different skin issues all at once.
For acne and breakouts: 
Acne and freezing skin? Revolutionary and works wonders! Here’s how: When your skin is slightly frozen, it speeds up the shedding of excessive dead skin cells and controls the active production of sebum. This helps to accelerate the healing of pimples to decrease breakouts and lessen scarring. Leaving the best to last but not least, the appearance of enlarged pores will also be reduced as the cold temperature helps to shrink the opening pores. Smooth, poreless-looking skin is yours to own.
For dullness:
Give your skin a deep detox and boost by tricking it with a cold spell. Have you ever heard that changing between hot and cold temperature can “wake” the skin? Yes, when your skin is exposed to subzero temperatures, it reacts by redirecting blood flow from your face to your core vital organs to maintain the internal body temperature. After the treatment when the skin’s temperature returns back to normal, blood and oxygen will gush to the surface of the face. It helps to increase lymphatic flow and drains accumulated toxins away. Talk about exuding glow from within. Be awed cuz it literally delivers a naturally rosy complexion.
For sensitive skin:
This bespoke organic facial instantly soothes and calms the skin, improving sensitivity, irritation, itch, skin flakes and inflammation. Sounds like just what you need? Especially now, with the prolonged wearing of masks, inevitably, there is heat build-up on the skin; Put out the ‘fire’ and experience ‘winter’ with this cooling and pampering treatment. Be instantly hydrated! It’s even good to treat eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Say bye-bye to sensitivity and hi to clear and healthy skin!
For sagging and loose skin:
The goodness continues! Turn back the clock with Cryotherapy as it slows down the ageing process and restores the skin’s youthful appearance; something everyone covets. It defies ageing as it lifts, tones and tightens loose and sagging skin all at once. Here’s the science behind it: The cold temperature improves the skin’s laxity and restores firmness as it stimulates the production of collagen and fibroblast (A cell in the connective tissue that is responsible for the skin’s elasticity). The bonus is, your skin absorbs over 95% of fresh and certified organic active ingredients with high concentrations of antioxidants when you do this treatment. It’s time to kiss goodbye to premature, loose and sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Can’t wait to transform your skin with this award-winning facial? Book now to enjoy 30%* off!
*For new customers or existing customers who have not experienced this facial before.  Valid till 31/7/2020.
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