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Gifts for this Xmas

by admin 30 Nov 2019
“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells rock…” Ahhh…. It’s that time of the year again! A time of giving and nothing beats the elation of being able to bless your loved ones.  So, do something different this Christmas, will ya- Gift your loved ones who are plagued with skin problems a #ToxicFree green, organic skin transformational set. Clean, clear and healthy skin can be bought at Kew Organics.Using only a selection of fresh fruits and botanicals with high concentrations of potent active ingredients that is natural, vegan, non-GMO and certified organic, we curated a collection of our best sellers that are suitable for men and women of all skin conditions and ages. 
1. #1 best-selling Megaboost Hyaluronic+Concentrate Serum for dewy, plump and deeply hydrated skin. Why is this a staple? Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate! It has a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid - a natural “water-loving” substance found in the body. It is a humectant which acts as a sponge to bind water molecules to the cells. As your skin cells are full and plumped up with water, it keeps your skin feeling bouncy, supple and taut. Great for dry and dehydrated skin! It is also ideal for acne skin as it regulates sebum production, normalises the skin’s PH and reduces blemishes. That’s not all, it also defies aging as it delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. An all-in-one for all, your skin will be less clogged, clear and healthy.  Makeup-free skin is on your way!
2. Apple Stem Cell Vitaglow Serum for bright and even skin tone! If you are piling your skin with primers, highlighter or the 10 steps Korean skincare step to achieve that luminous glow aka glass skin, this is your answer. This serum is highly concentrated with antioxidants - Powerful age-reversing rare Swiss Apple Stem Cell used as the main ingredient; 1% of apple stem cells can boost cell production of human stem cells by a staggering 80%.  It protects the skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays while effectively restores the potential of skin stem cells, eliminates wrinkles and brings back the youth of your skin. This also brightens skin tone, reduces pigmentation, improves dull skin and lightens acne marks within days. Seriously glow from within as it leaves your skin looking radiant and welcome that no makeup, makeup look. 3. Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist is the “green juice for your skin”.  Feed your skin with over 85% of certified organic ingredients with a precious blend of superfood antioxidants from organic rose, goji berries and snow fungus. Do you know that applying your skincare twice daily is not enough to protect your skin? Since you have to drink lots of fluid throughout the day to prevent your body from dehydration, all the more you’ll need to do that for your skin as it is the largest organ.  Regardless of whether you are outdoors or indoors, exposed to hot and humid weather, or cold and dry weather, you are constantly losing water through your skin. It is important to reapply skin care, otherwise, it may lead to tightness, rough texture, uneven and dull skin tone and premature aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Thankfully our mist is a long-lasting formula as it’s not just aqua which dries out quickly. It is a combination of serums and essences which act as a reapplication of serum to lock in everlasting 24/7 hydration while preventing breakout.  The best for all skin conditions! Buy before 24/12/19 to enjoy the special price of $225 (U.P.$308). Comes with a complimentary session of bespoke organic facial worth $68 and organic jute bag worth $15.  Extra perks - A complimentary gift set worth $308 is yours to bring home when you purchase 3 boxes at a go! 
Buy now at:

How it looks like!

FreeSet Global

Empowering women, we source our organic jute bag from FreeSet Global - a non-profit organisation dedicated to end the sex trafficking in India https://freesetglobal.com/.

Focus on the Family Singapore Charity Organisation

Changing lives with Kew Organics tote bag at $15, the profit of the organic jute bag goes toward supporting Focus on the Family Singapore https://www.family.org.sg/FOTFS/Give/Join_the_Focus_Family.aspx, a local charity helping the everyday family, as well as vulnerable groups, such as inmates and at-risk youths, to thrive at different stages of their lives.  

A sneak peak of how our gift vouchers look like

Last-minute gift cards are here to save you! Gift this card to your loved ones and treat them to a session of luxurious, bespoke organic facial!

Gift Voucher Sugar K Organic Peel Treatment:

Glow instantly with this treatment formulated to help time-strapped urbanites to remove acne scars, unclogging pores, minimize enlarged pores, control oil, and improve hydration quickly, effectively and effortlessly. Using a cocktail blend of botanical ingredients with hydrating elements, all it takes is 20 minutes to achieve clear, clean, healthy and makeup-free skin.

20% off for new customers 

Buy now at: https://keworganics.com/shop/gift-voucher/sugar-k-facial-peel-gift-voucher/

Gift Voucher Bespoke Organic Facial:

Not sure what are their skin concerns or which facials are suitable for them? Not to worry, you can never go wrong with this treatment as it is 100% bespoke. Specifically tailored for them, our professional team of therapists will do a thorough skin analysis and customise the facial to address different skin concerns. Indulge in a session of pampering facial now!

20% off for new customers

Buy now at: https://keworganics.com/shop/gift-voucher/bespoke-kew-organics-facial-gift-voucher/

Gift your friends, family and loved ones beautiful and flawless skin. Feel good and look good, even without makeup! With this cash value Gift voucher, pamper them with the goodness of organic skincare or treatments to achieve the red-carpet glow for the New Year!
Use this cash voucher to claim $10/ $50/ $100 off any purchase from Kew Organics or Sugar K Organic Peel Bar. Any unutilised amount will be deemed as a balance to offset the next purchase (not exchangeable for cash). Buy now at:
https://keworganics.com/shop/gift-voucher/10-cash-value/ Buy now at:
Buy now at:
 https://keworganics.com/shop/gift-voucher/100-cash-value/ There’s something for everyone regardless of their age and gender, ranging from affordable to premium.  We hope you love our Christmas guide that we put together for all of you and wish everyone a happy holiday!
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