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Natural ways to strengthen immunity - Lily Kew

by admin 29 Feb 2020

Wash your hands… My mum reminded me umpteen times during this flu season.  No doubt it’s important, but I’ll like to get to the core of it and that is to boost our immunity system.  As an advocate on all things natural, I’d love to share my two cents on the al natura ways to strengthen immunity and fight against infectious disease.  

1. Black garlic 

There is an old saying, “If you eat garlic, ginger and turmeric every day, you will rarely fall sick”. Yes, garlic! It is the one ingredient that our founder, Lily Kew, absolutely cannot go without in her clean, healthy and organic diet. She loads up lots of garlic in her recipes and you can find it in almost all her dishes. 
Garlic contains 100 different compounds of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral, which makes it a powerful healer for almost any infections even those that are antibiotic-resistant.
You are probably thinking, “Hey it’s just garlic! I am eating it every day, what’s so special?”. Good for you if you already love garlic.  Now level up and meet the revolutionary black garlic. The “King” amongst garlic! Black garlic originates from Korea and it is being fermented to produce double the amount of antioxidants. They destroy free radicals and act as a natural antibiotic which removes the cause of most illnesses - even cancer.  Yes, we are not kidding! And guess what, - black garlic does not cause bad breath. Yeah!!
2. Detox with dry body brushing
You are probably thinking, what a weird one. Before you judge, please put your disbelief aside. 
We all know that our skin is the largest organ of the body and it is also connected to our lymphatic system which helps to expel toxins and transport white blood cells throughout our bodies.  Dry brushing stimulates the lymph flow which improves the detox process as well as blood circulation. Here’s how: 

  1. Dry brush before the shower
  2. Starting at the feet, brush from bottom-up, using long and vertical strokes 4-5 times per area
  3. Golden rule: Brush towards the centre of the body, then to the heart, where the lymph system drains
  4. After dry brushing, have a warm shower to flush out the toxins.

3. Keep moving
You’re not doing yourself a favour if you think you should stay home to avoid the flu bug. Trust us, you should do the exact opposite.  Go out there to get your dose of Vitamin D and fresh air. It is essential as it improves the production of antibodies and mobilises the T cells (a specific white blood cell) to guard the body against infection.

4. Reduce your stress level
As cliche as it sounds, yes, stress is the main culprit to lower your immunity. How so? It suppresses the immune response of the body by releasing a hormone called cortisol. This hinders the production of white blood cells and reduces the antibodies secreted in our gut and respiratory system.  
Keep your stress level in check with these relaxing beauty rituals/activities:

  1. Soak in a bubble bath
  2. Turn your skincare routine into a mini spa-ritual 
  3. Body scrub and massage 
  4. Pamper with sleeping mask at least twice a week 
  5. Unwind with essential oils - cinnamon, lime and rosemary help to boost immunity
  6. Indulge in heavenly bespoke organic facials 
  7. Beauty sleep, like seriously 
  8. Try using a pillow mist with lavender scent 

5. Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen is the fuel your body needs to strengthen its immunity to fight off infection and defend against bacteria and virus. Inhale 98% pure oxygen to fill the blood with pure oxygen to repair tissues and restore the body.  More good news!! It’s been proven to nurse flu patients back to health. Your “fighting cells” aka the white blood cells, which attack the virus, are strengthened to destroy invaders. At the same time, it encourages cell regeneration to heal and repair the body to resist infections. 
We would love to help our dear customers combat the flu bug by gifting complimentary oxygen therapies: 
Promo 1: Book a full facial >$200* & receive complimentary O2 treatments worth $116**. 
First 50 new customers receive a complimentary bottle of Ferulic C Super-Revitalize Serum worth $73.20.
Promo 2: Book an express facial >$90* & receive complimentary O2 treatment worth $48**.
*Price before GST
**Valid from 21/2 until 31/3
At Kew Organics, our top priority is to provide safe and enjoyable treatments to our customers. 
- None of our staff has been to China in the past 30 days.
- Our tools and equipment are disposable, sanitised, disinfected, sterilised and towels changed after
each treatment.
- Face masks are worn at all times.
- Increase in the frequency of washing hands with antibacterial soap and use of hand sanitisers.
- Temperature checks are taken before treatments to ensure customers are well to receive the treatment.
We deliver the best care and reinforce our professionalism in safeguarding and defending against any potential health risk. Kindly share this blog with your loved ones.  We are sure that they can greatly benefit from these tips.
Stay happy and healthy!!
Booooo.... Virus go away cuz you ain’t got anything on us!

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