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Women at 40 : 40 Over 40 - Lily Kew

by admin 15 Aug 2021

My award receiving personally from Minister Sun Xue Ling

The email alert came in while I was feeding my babies.  Preparing meals while settling work over phone calls. Zoom meetings while breastfeeding my baby. As an entrepreneur aka mumpreneur, I toggle between running a business, family commitments and children; all of which can take a toll on my physical and mental well-being. 

[A pat on my own shoulder 👋🏻] I am honored to be one of the honourees for Singapore: 40-over-40, which celebrates and recognises women who upend the perception that 40 is past your prime.

40 Is Just The Beginning

40 inspiring women over 40https://www.singapore40over40.com/2021-list

Or is it just a number?

It’s an honour to meet the rest of the ladies who have challenged themselves in achieving their dreams after their 40's.

Kudos to all these ladies! I am blessed to meet and immerse myself in the kickass energy of a pool of strong and resilient women, who possess the grit and bravery to take risks, push boundaries and redefine gender.

Receiving this award  spurred me to write this blog with the intent to inspire more women in finding strength and motivation to push forward.  Keep dreaming!

Started business At 43 While Trying For A Baby

Many stories of entrepreneurship tell a narrative of a young, spirited 20-something-year-old, stepping out to materialise their dream or make the world better with a fresh idea. I wouldn’t fit the conventional mould since I started my business at the age of 43.

While planning for my business then, I had my baby #1 via IVF, and at age 48 my baby #2. I count myself blessed to be one of the mums who breezed through my pregnancy and could continue to pursue my passion without missing a beat.

You may have thought that it would be tiring for me to be pregnant at 43.  To be honest, I have never felt so high spirited that I went ahead to set up my second outlet at Clarke Quay and launched Kew Organics skincare line.  It’s like giving birth three times within nine months! Furthermore, I opened my third outlet at Cluny Court while I was pregnant with my #2🤰🏻.

Despite the slow downs during this pandemic, I boldly took on a unit at Tangs as my fifth outlet. Today, working from home with my two little ones, I continue to push boundaries to step into the international markets that all local SMEs dream of and yup… still checking my emails while breastfeeding my number #2 …👩🏻‍🍼. “There’s no limit to what we women can accomplish” - Michelle Obama

I am very grateful for my abundance. Here are seven takeaways for you:

Failure is not an option.

Take action and make things happen. 

Age does not define you.  It is never too late to start. When there is a will, there is a way.

Be passionate about something and it will drive you.

You can juggle motherhood and business, and be great at both.

Never take no for an answer.  K

Keep charging forward.

Have the courage to #DreamBig #TheSkyIsTheLimit

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