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Divinely Gentle Micro-Exfoliant


No exfoliation for sensitive skin – myth busted.  Sensitive skin everywhere, rejoice! Now, you can remove your dry, dehydrated and devitalized dead skin cells with this skin-balancing formula.  Revive your skin and look younger than your biological age with this multi-action micronized Organic Adzuki Rice, Bamboo Powder and Vitamins C & E.  The infusion of Colloidal Oatmeal and Blueberry fruit fibre work as anti-inflammatory agents to help fight free radical, calm, protect, hydrate and soothe skin.  Your desire for a radiant complexion fulfilled.

Sugar Cane Royal Flush Exfoliant


Harper’s Bazzar Beauty Award 2017 (Category: Best Eco-Friendly Exfoliator)
Nylon Beauty Hit List 2018 (Category: Facial Exfoliators)
Zula Beauty Award 2019 (Category: Best Exfoliators)

Say bye to foundations, cakey powders and concealers for good! This exceptional serum contains an organic cocktail of Glycolic, Malic Acid, Salicylic Acid and many revitalizing Botanical Extracts to deeply exfoliate the skin to reveal a youthful & healthy complexion, while minimizing the appearance of fine wrinkles & large pores, removes acne scars and evens skin tone.