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Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist


Zula Beauty Award 2019 (Category: Best Mists)

With over 85% certified organic ingredients, this is touted as the green juice for your skin.  24/7 hydration with its clean formulation of bottling the salt of the skin-plumping ingredient – hyaluronic acid from amino-rich Snow Fungus, precious blend of antioxidant Rose and reparative superfood Goji Berries into an atomized form—made perfect to strengthen collagen and elastin, prevents breakouts and delivers a fresh, dewy complexion.


Hydra-Balancing Set


There can never be too much hydration. Quench your skin’s thirst with our Hydra-Balancing Set for mega hydration! Skin is so supple and glowing, and it does not cause congestions or breakouts. 


Clear Skin Treatment Essence

Increases the skin’s hydration which reduces the loss of moisture and prevents breakouts. 


Consists of: #1 best-selling Megaboost Hyaluronic+Concentrate Serum

For dewy, plump and deeply hydrated skin.


Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist

Feeds your skin with a cocktail of antioxidants for a luminous glow throughout the day.


Sugar K Hydra Oxy Treatment

Enjoy deep hydration and boost to your skin’s moisture level to red-carpet ready skin!


Limited sets! Gift your loved ones with clean, clear and healthy skin the organic, green way to kickstart the festive seasons! 


Deluxe Hydra Mist 15ml

Quench My Skin Please


The secret to youthful-looking, well-hydrated and naturally glowing skin is the perfect combination of all-time favourite Clear Skin Treatment Essence, excellent hydrator Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist, and skin plumping Sugar K Hydra Oxygen Infusion Treatment. This trio strengthens your skin barrier by delivering hydration into the deeper layers of your skin to promote cell regeneration and a fresh, dewy complexion in no time!

Refreshing Clarifying Tonic


An ultra-gentle, anti-microbial fresh & cool tonic to effectively remove residue without stripping the natural layer of oil.  Preventing excessive drying and normalizing skin’s pH. Fights acne while soothing irritation and promotes healing of scars.


Refreshing Mist Duo Set


…’Cuz one is simply not enough! Just like drinking water to hydrate your body, our mist replenishes the hydration of your largest organ, which is the skin, with ingredients extracted from from our essences and serums so it’s like re-application of your skincare without the hassle of bringing the products out.  Spritz on face and neck every couple of hours to feed your skin with a cocktail of antioxidants and get that naturally,  luminous glow sans makeup. Refreshing Mist Duo Set, stock them up!


Buy any 5 skincare sets/kits and get 1 addition for free (the lowest price set FOC).

Resveratrol Rooibos Anti-Oxidant Toner


Say bye to make up for good! Infused with nutrient rich Grape Skin, organic Seaweed and Vitamin C, this thirst-quenching toner hydrates skin, while removing impurities and mineral deposits from tap water, to reveal a balanced, clear and vibrant complexion.  Use AM & PM for optimum absorption of your serums and crèmes.

Skin Defence Essential Toner

Skin Defence Essential Toner


Harper’s Bazzar 2020 (Category: Toner For Sensitive Skin)


A knock-out concoction of an array of gentle, skin-refining organic fruit acids to strengthen the skin’s immune system of sensitive, red and blotchy skin condition. This effective yet gentle formulation is enriched with the essences from Grape Skin and Pomegranate, ingredients widely used for their anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties, to increase collagen production and escalate the cell regeneration process; transforming weak and delicate skin to strong, healthy and younger-looking skin. It also doubles up to brighten dull, pigmented condition; resulting in a more even, naturally glowing complexion.