Bio-Peptides Wrinkle Filler Serum


Feast your skin with medical grade multi-peptides to erase wrinkles and plump lax skin, while strengthening skin’s natural wrinkle-fighting mechanisms to future proof your skin. Smooth and lifted skin sans needles? We’ll take it.



The Good Stuff:

A toxic-free and sustainable replacement for injections, Neodermyl® earns its praise and popularity as a needle-free filler.  This miraculous ingredient is a power of natural renewable bioenergy that contains MG6P(Methyl-Glucoside-6-Phosphate) to feed aging cells and rapidly increase the production of collagen, elastin and essential amino acids.  It has been scientifically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles’ depth, improve firmness and increase cheek volume by at least 15% in as little as 2 weeks. 

A natural alternative to lipofilling! This game-changing ingredient has just pushed the ceiling of the beauty standard to a few notches higher. Derived from amino acids, Voluform™ significantly firms and lifts skin, improves cheek volume, fills wrinkles and expression lines sans abrasive treatments and needles. Within 2 weeks of usage, you can see a reduction in deep and moderate lines by 20%, an increase in collagen production by 48%, a boost in hydration by 33%, and an improvement of the skin’s age by 76%

Yet another medical-grade, moisture-enhancing ingredient that is preservative-free and clinically proven to delay both nucleic and metabolic aging.
Revitalise your skin with this secret magic which reduces oxidative damage by 85% and boosts the promotion of ATP synthesis by 76%. Concurrently, it also preserves the cytoskeleton functionality and prolongs cell lifespan. It increases collagen synthesis by 483%, protein synthesis by 32% and hyaluronic acid synthesis by 33%. Watch as it reduces and fades flaws caused by sun damage, while increasing the skin’s natural moisture level to iron out wrinkles, firm and lift the skin. It’s unbelievable!

Acai Berry
Nutrient-dense superfood Acai Berry is known to possess high concentrations of essential fatty acids as well as vitamins A, B, C and E. It also escalates skin regeneration and wound healing which is exceptionally great for post aesthetics, needles and surgery treatments. Excellent antioxidants to neutralize cell-damaging free radicals, the result is clear, healthy, youthful and makeup-free complexion!

Wild Yam
Wild Yam has powerful properties to act as a natural wrinkles eraser to combat anti-aging problems, actively stimulate collagen and elastin production, while restoring aged cells to become younger and more energetic. It also helps to lighten marks, reduce dark spots and inhibit pigmentation. In addition, it acts as a medium to enable the skin to absorb active ingredients deeper and more thoroughly, resulting in youthful, clear and makeup-free skin.


Additional information




After cleansing and toning, gently massage 4 – 6 pumps to face; tapping more on wrinkles. AM and/ or PM.

Skin Type

Lines & wrinkles, collagen depletion, premature, mature skin

Product Ingredients

Aqua, Juvinity, Voluform, Neodermyl, Wild Yam, Acai Berry, Lavender Oil, Ylang Ylang, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid, Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6 *Denotes certified organic ingredients.


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