I had been experiencing skin problems for at least 10 years after school days- acne scars, pimple marks, dull complexion and big pores. I had never used eye cream, fruit peel nor serum before and Kew Organics was the first place I tried the products. My skin is now much smoother and more bright and glowy! I saw the difference within a month and my mother and colleagues complimented me. I heard about the store via news articles and chanced upon the Cluny Court outlet at its opening. I definitely recommend Kew organics for the nicest fragrance in skincare ever and effective, potent active ingredients in the products. The smell of the megaboost serum and the oil-free kiwi gel is essential aromatherapy and wonderful skin goodness – my go-to aids for skin and preparing and winding down from stressful days at work. Try it to see the Kew Organics difference! The facials are so thorough and comprehensive – the sincere service, heavenly products and wonderful massage make you come back for more! You will get better skin over time, and with maintenance from facials and regular use of their products!”