Founder & CEO, Lily Kew, shares this beauty breakthrough after years of studying what’s best for the skin.

True innovation and a first in the beauty scene, Sugar K Organic Peel Bar is Singapore’s first-ever peel bar concept to help time-strapped urbanites, both male and female, achieve clear, healthy and naturally glowing complexion

Sugar K Peel was developed for fuss-free, effective and organic facial peels to fit our activity-filled lifestyle of today – Where time is a precious commodity.

Sugar K Peel uses glycolic acid derived from sugar cane, nature’s most gentle yet powerful exfoliant, and organic citrus fruit acids to penetrate through our cell walls to trigger new formation of collagen to plump up our cell walls, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Unlike synthetics that are effective at the start and dull our complexion overtime, Sugar K Peel is an all-natural and organic peel that goes deep into the skin to help to treat acne scars, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dull-looking skin and enlarged pores. Not to worry, makeup-free skin can also be achieved in a natural and efficient way!

That’s why Sugar K is all about being organic – Starting from peels that remove the excessive dead skin cells weighing down our looks, to water-based organic skincare products that don’t need harsh chemicals to work. We have now included a wider range of services to target more skin problems.

An urban twist to classic facials, Sugar K transforms skin by combining the most advanced high-tech beauty machines and our own in-house Kew Organics Bespoke Skincare Line. In short, the skin that you’ve always dreamt about having can now become a reality in under 30 minutes.


Why a skin peel?
A series of peels reveal youthful, clear & glowing skin. You can ditch your make up for good ‘coz there ain’t nothing to cover anymore. Curious but still unsure? Read on!

Myth #1
I have to stay home for a few days after the peel
Truth: People associate peels with the infamous Sex and the City episode where Samantha had a peel with layers of skin falling off. Fret not. Sugar K needs no peeling to achieve optimal results. You can resume your daily routine right away!

Myth #2
My skin is too sensitive for peels.
Truth: Not when you peel with us. Sugar K is an all-natural cocktail of safe, certified organic ingredients from botanicals and fruits to calm & strengthen sensitive skin; unveiling younger, smoother and clearer skin.

Myth #3
Chemical peels are bad for you.
Truth: Unlike harsh chemical peels that thin out skin, Suger K removes only the exessive dead cells to stimulate the renewal of new skin so the total thickness never changes. As a rule, the more peels you do, the younger you look.

Getting The Best Out Of
Organic Peels

Remove acne scars & marks 

Prevent breakout 

Unclog pores 

Minimize pore sizes 

Deliver radiance to dull, uneven complexion 

Significantly reduce lines & wrinkles 

Plump skin by levelling up hydration 

Lighten pigmentation

Achieve clear, healthy and naturally glowing complexion


Skin cleansing and prepping

Application of organic peel

Application of serum and oil-free sunscreen