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$70 per session(20 minutes)
Eyes $27, Neck $48, Back $94
Sugar K Organic Peel Treatment is formulated to help time-strapped urbanites to remove acne scars, unclog pores, minimize enlarged pores, control oil, and improve hydration quickly, effectively and effortlessly. All you need is 20 minutes to achieve clear, clean, healthy and makeup-free skin. Proof is in the pudding: Our customers feedback their friends commented their skin glow and looked unbelievably fresh after their first session. High five!

$105 per session (20 minutes)
Eyes $27, Neck $62
Lacklustre, rough, flaky and dry skin? Congested and enlarged pores? Yucks! Here comes the saviour. Microdermabrasion technology helps to exfoliate and remove the excessive dead skin cells, sebum, debris and dirt; delivering unclogged pores, smoother skin and a brighter complexion.


$73 per session (20 minutes)
Neck $37
Your pores couldn’t be clearer with this exfoliating, hydrating, oxygenating and micro-circulating treatment! Pressurized pure oxygen and fine saline solution deep cleanse the skin at supersonic speed to remove excessive dead skin cells, grimes and sebum while softening comedones to thoroughly clear clogged pores and acne. The best part? Your skin is infused with the goodness of our fresh, vegan and organic skin care products to restore the youthful glow back to your skin!

$73 per session (20 minutes)
Neck $37
Need to get ready for that big event? Go deep with this treatment as it intensively replenishes your skin’s hydration and moisture level. Pure, precious oxygen, together with our fresh, vegan and organic skin care serums and essences are being absorbed into the deeper layers of your skin to promote cell regeneration; instantly perking up your skin to deliver a fresh, naturally healthy glow. Say hello to red-carpet ready skin!

$73 per session (20 minutes)
Neck $37
Skin lift with no surgery? It’s possible with the oxygen injector! It uses pure oxygen pressure to stimulate your skin to absorb the goodness of organic, vegan, non-gmo active ingredients for obvious firming and lifting results that last. This time-saving treatment also treat depleted elasticity by acting as a catalyst to increase the production of collagen and fibroblast; restoring volume and tightness. Your skin will feel exceptionally hydrated, young-looking and well-toned. Results can be seen in just one session!


$137 per session (20 minutes)
Eyes $83, Neck $105
Experience winter on your skin (minus the drying part)! This cooling therapy helps with cell renewal, is soothing to the skin and also aids in collagen production. Coupled with our organic, fresh and vegan skincare products, your skin will feel deeply hydrated and radiant. Have yourself a merry little facial!


$137 per session (20 minutes)
Neck $105
An age-reversing treatment that combines organic botanicals and nutrient-rich serums to reveal youthful skin. The Multi- Polarity Electroporation device micro-massages face, stimulates blood circulation and enhances skin’s firmness; delivering a well-defined face contour. It also delivers more oxygen to the skin cells for clear, glowing, healthy skin. Promoting a naturally ‘lifted’ effect for a more youthful appearance, this treatment also stimulates lymphatic drainage to help the skin and the 57 facial muscles to expel toxins that may be trapped within the cells, lymph nodes and muscles. Skin is younger and fresh-looking after the first session.

$137 per session (20 minutes)
Eyes $83, Neck $105
Using LED red light to work on the biochemical effect in epidermal cells, rejuvenate the skin, repair damage and speed up the healing process. A natural way to improve skin complexion by stimulating collagen renewal to diminish lines and wrinkles, balancing skin tone and smoothing out uneven complexion. Micro-current electroporation enables trans-dermal absorption of organic goodness. It also works to tone, firm and tighten facial muscles for a natural lift. Lavish and luxurious bespoke organic serums are absorbed into deeper layers of skin for unrivaled exuberance. Defy ageing with this treatment!


$86 per session (20 minutes)
(*Only available at Cluny Court Branch)
Developed by NASA to speed up astronaut’s tissue healing and repair, LED light therapy heals ATP (a cell that stores energy like a powerhouse).
Using different wavelengths combined with over 95% of fresh, organic botanical active ingredients to promote absorption into the deeper skin layers, it is an all-in-one treatment that boosts collagen, reduces acne bacteria, prevents pigmentation, desensitizes skin and delays ageing.
Sugar K LED Blue Light (Suitable for acne skin)
Let’s kill that acne-causing bacteria under the skin! Monochromatic blue light destroys bacteria and restrains the spreading. Yes please, bye acne!
Sugar K LED Red Light (Suitable for uneven, pigmented and premature skin)
Say hello to makeup-free skin! LED red light boosts the production of cell regeneration, collagen and fibroblast. Rejuvenate your way to look younger as you get older.
Sugar K LED Infrared Light (Suitable for damaged skin)
With the deepest and highest layer of penetration, infrared light is absorbed by all the skin layers, including dermis and cell membrane. Good for wound healing and post-care!
Sugar K LED Amber Light (Suitable for redness and rosacea)
Desensitize with amber light to calm and soothe irritations. Helps to heal, induce collagen and increase cell renewal for strong and healthy skin.