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As Singapore’s leading organic facial bar, we are dedicated to transform skin through a marriage of nature and medi-aesthetics technology. We use only fresh, water-based, vegan, non-GMO, certified organic and natural ingredients to deliver clear, healthy and makeup-free skin that lasts.

As Singapore’s leading organic facial bar, we are dedicated to transform skin through a marriage of nature and medi-aesthetics technology. We use only fresh, water-based, vegan, non-GMO, certified organic and natural ingredients to deliver clear, healthy and makeup-free skin that lasts.

About Kew Organics

These result-driven, organic skincare products hail from Canada, the land well-known for its abundant natural resources, Korea, aka the fountain of youth and Singapore, the emerging trendsetter for artisanal beauty.

To preserve the freshness of the organic ingredients, our products are packaged in the luxurious and energy-enhancing Miron Violet Glass which activates and energises the molecules of the contents in the glass 24/7. Our customers are confident that what they apply on their skin has been potentised and vitalised; enhancing their skin health so that their skin age becomes younger than their biological age; taking years off their face.

Our treatment menu encompasses a repertoire of freshly-bred organic, natural goodness and holistic (mostly gorgeous) remedies for just about anything that ails – from wrinkles to acne scars, to an old-fashioned case of the blues.

So, set apart some time to have an intimate conversation between you and your skin at Kew Organics today, and get ready for makeup-free skin.

How Kew Organics Was Born



A passionate advocate and fully qualified expert in natural beauty, wellness and organic skincare, Lily Kew founded the first Kew Organics Facial Bar in Everton Park in 2014 to introduce results-oriented and pampering bespoke organic facial and body treatments to the Singapore market.


The second Kew Organics spa was launched in 2016 at Clarke Quay Central, following the overwhelming response to the unique concept, ethos and treatments of Kew Organics.

In the same year, Kew Organics skincare was born. Spurred by her fruitless search for effective organic skincare to incorporate into the professional facial treatments at Kew Organics Facial Bar, Lily took two years to research & develop Kew Organics as Singapore – and the world’s – first ‘serious’ water-based, minimalist and high-performance organic skincare label.


In 2017, Sugar K Organic Peel Bar was unveiled. A true innovation and a first in the international beauty scene, Sugar K Organic Peel Bar is the world’s first organic peel bar concept and was created by Lily to help time-strapped urbanites achieve a clear, healthy and naturally glowing complexion – quickly, effectively and effortlessly.

2018 & 2019

The launch of Kew Organics skincare and Sugar K Organic Peel Bar cement Lily as the leading expert and innovator in organic beauty and holistic wellness in Singapore. She is also the winner of Women Entrepreneur Award 2018 and Spirit of Enterprise 2019.

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Lily is currently exploring exciting opportunities to expand the geographical footprints of Kew Organics and Sugar K Organic Peel Bar, in both local and overseas markets. She wants to continue her mission to harness the power of organic skincare to help men and women achieve skin so clear and healthy that they are empowered to free their skin and ditch the use of makeup. Contact us for business opportunities

Our Mission

Harness the power of organic skincare to help men & women achieve clear and healthy skin to regain their self-esteem and confidence

Our Vision

To deliver innovative, safe, quality and effective organic skincare to all

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Transformational Story

Lily's Skin

Lily, the founder of Kew Organics and Sugar K Organic Peel Bar, went through adolescence and adulthood fettered by acne and scars. To treat her skin problems, she made countless and fruitless trips to doctors and salons. They prescribed her with harsh products and treatments that were meant to control oil and alleviate her acne, but the alcohol-based and chemical ingredients in turn caused her skin to have more breakouts, sensitive, dry, thin and weak skin.

“I had to use lots of makeup to cover up my blemishes and scars for more than 10 years, but no matter how thick my makeup was, it could never cover well, I wanted to find a lasting solution to achieve clean, clear, healthy skin with a naturally rosy glow, so I can ditch makeup for good, as there would be nothing to cover up.” Lily says.

At 29, she put her foot down and enrolled in a beauty school; determined to find a permanent and lasting solution to end her skin woes, which she did. The transformation of her skin propelled her to start her own organic beauty business to help others who are plagued with acne woes and a myriad of skin problems.

“I believe in the goodness and efficacy of pure, clean organic skincare, but they were not easily accessible,” she says.

“Those you could find were very gentle and mild, which only worked well for skin without any issues. Otherwise, they were either too rich or too oily for the Asian climate.”

When running her salons, she gets frustrated because she knows her customers’ skin conditions could be transformed if only they stopped using conventional products laden with synthetics, chemicals and toxic ingredients, and start using organic and natural products.

She decided she would create her own water-based organic skincare label, Kew Organics, to treat common skin woes such as clogged pores, acne breakouts, pigmentation, and dehydrated skin, just to name a few.

Aside from being organic, non-GMO, vegan, free from chemicals, parabens and preservatives, Kew Organics skincare packaging is also carefully thought out. The bottles are made of a special Miron Violet Glass to protect the products so the active ingredients always stay “activated”. This combination plus regular organic facials is the answer to achieving clear, healthy, makeup-free skin and the secret to transform the skin’s age to look younger than its biological age; taking years off the face. Lily is one great example – she does not look a bit of her 49 years of age!

Beauty With A Cause

Kew Organics aims to improve the lives of women in need as well as support local families. Therefore, we source our organic tote bags from Freeset Global– a non-profit organization that helps women in India who are vulnerable to sex trafficking. The profit from the sales of the tote bags goes toward supporting Focus on the Family – a local charity helping the everyday family, as well as vulnerable groups, such as inmates and at-risk youths.

Lily Kew (Focus on family)