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3 reasons why men should go for facial

by admin 15 Jul 2019
Hello organic lovers!

How’s your day going? Hope it has been going well! I have a great weekend with my family and just enjoyed a facial treatment with my husband.

Yes, you did not read it wrongly! Despite the manly image, he still goes for facials to keep his skin clear and healthy. Guess he finally figured out that going for facials is not that much of a feminine activity after all.
If you want to find out more on why men should go for facials, keep on reading!

To strengthen the relationship between you and your loved one

Going for facials with your partner is a great way to relax and bond with your partner at the same time.

After a long and tiring day at work, nothing is more rewarding than indulging in a luxurious facial not just for yourself, but for your partner as well.

Research has shown that when couples do things together, they become more closely connected and also enjoy each other’s company more. Reason: the shared experiences give them something in common and that helps make them feel good about each other.

Ever wondered why your girlfriend / wife enjoys going for facials that much? Try it out!
Prevention is better than cure 
At Kew Organics, we have a lot of male customers not knowing how to resolve their acne problem. Most of them told me that they go for laser treatments, purchase countless overly drying facial cleansers, only to realise that their attempts have been fruitless.

As a result, a lot of them end up with very deep acne scarring (my husband is one of them!). 
Fact: Men are more prone to acne as they tend to have larger pores and also more active oil glands.

So my advice is to get your skin treated as soon as possible, by getting to the root of the problem and also using the right products!

For instance, when I feel a pimple or blemish forming underneath my skin, I will reach for the Sugarcane Royal Flush Exfoliant, this exceptional serum contains an organic cocktail of Glycolic, Malic Acid, Salicylic Acid and many revitalizing Botanical Extracts to gently remove impurities, excess oil and blemishes. Pair this with our Alfalfa & Fig Spot Solution Serum - a powerful blend of skin-clarifying Glycolic, Malic, Lactic and Salicylic Acid, which helps to create the perfect environment to tame acne-causing bacteria. Natural illuminating Pea Extract controls sebum production, while Vitamin A-rich organic Carrot Extract encourages skin renewal.
You will be surprised at how fast the blemish heals and leaves no scars as well! Like the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Defy ageing

Anti-ageing should not only be the focus for women, but men should also pay attention as well. I am pretty sure some of you guys out there are concerned about the lines as well.
Acne may be one of the most common problems men face, but some of them do have dry or pigmented skin.
Most likely due to the reason that they do not like to use sunblock or basically put on any serums or moisturisers. 
The number one cause of ageing is usually dry skin, so we have to be sure to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate! One of my husband’s favourites is our Kew Organics Hydra O2 Multi-Solution Facial which deeply oxygenates to intensely hydrate, rejuvenate and perks skin for a healthy manly glow.

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