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Face Cleanser: The Unsung Hero

by admin 15 May 2020

The natural skincare market is burgeoning with new cleansers of all sorts - cream cleanser, oil cleanser, foam cleanser, gel, cleanser...  Each screaming theirs is the best.  Finding the most suited for oneself is becoming more and more challenging.  Yet, it is the most essential product in one’s entire skincare regime as clear, beautiful skin begins with proper cleansing.  It is a stepping stone to all those lovely products that will give you happy skin!
To ease your search for the right cleanser, we’ve streamlined to just this one - our Absolutely Youthful Hydra Cleanser (For those who have been using our Japanese Coconut Knotweed Hydra Cleanser, this is the new and improved formula).  It is suitable for all skin types, does not strip the skin of its natural moisture barrier, and oooohhhh-so-gentle.  In terms of its formula, it has the perfect combination of age-defying organic Arnica Montana Flower, coconut and lime extract to gently yet thoroughly eliminate impurities while leaving skin hydrated, clean and clear.  Read on to find out how this all-round multi-tasker can transform your skin!

1. Eliminate bacteria and germs
For skin plagued with acne, scars and marks, it may seem like a dream to ever own clear and clean skin.  Lo and behold, with this awesome cleanser, your skin can be transformed.  Here’s how: 
The thrive of bacteria and germs causes acne, pimples and breakouts.  And most antibacterial cleansers aren’t that helpful because, the truth is, they upset your skin’s pH, dry out your skin and cause even more breakouts as they contain alcohol and harsh chemicals.  It’s a vicious cycle.  However, one of the good stuff in this cleanser, the Organic Arnica Montana Flower which is loaded with antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, clear acne marks and blemishes naturally.  In addition, it escalates your skin’s healing process by stimulating the granular tissues to treat inflammation, eczema and psoriasis.  On top of this, it also helps to support your skin’s metabolism which improves skin elasticity and resilience.  Acne sufferers, rejoice! 

2. Balance your skin’s pH
Some cleanser formulations are either too alkaline (pH>7) or too acidic (pH<7), throwing your skin’s pH off balance.  A good cleanser should help maintain your skin’s pH at around 5.5, so that the protective barrier will not be damaged and cause inflamed and sensitive skin.  
Organic Calendula Extract, another one of our good stuff, plays this role very well.  It helps to restore moisture and normalize your skin’s pH to an optimum level of pH 5.5.  It also helps to strengthen your skin’s barrier, making it the go-to for those with sensitive skin.  

3. Mild Exfoliation
This awesome cleanser contains lime juice to speed up your skin’s cellular renewal process by mildly exfoliating the excessive dead cells, lifting impurities, excessive sebum, dirt and gunk so your skin will be thoroughly cleansed.  Also touted as your daily dose of Vitamin C, lime juice heals blemishes, lightens dark spots and brightens your skin tone.  Say bye-bye to unsightly acne marks and uneven skin complexion!  Clean, clear and healthy skin unveiled for ultra radiance.  A must-have for dull, uneven skin tone and pigmented skin!

4. Fight against pollution and free radicals
Smog and pollution aka the “free radicals” are increasing across the globe.  Though invisible to the naked eye, it is constantly destroying your active and healthy skin cells, causing premature aging, dull-looking complexion, uneven skin tone, irritation and the list goes on.  Fret not!  We’ve got all grounds covered by infusing powerful antioxidant Green Tea as one of the key ingredients in the formulation.  It is choked full of Polyphenols such as ECGC to neutralise free radicals, detox your skin, protect it against environmental stressors and reverse UV damage.  It also helps to increase your skin’s moisture level and lock in hydration to restore youthful-looking skin.  Aaaahhh…. Dewy skin, youthful-looking fresh skin, bright complexion… Yes, good skin can be bought!

5. Defy-aging
One of the most sought-after beauty desires is definitely to defy the aging process so your skin’s age is younger than your biological age.  As cleansing is the first step in any skincare regime to achieve clean, clear and healthy skin, therefore, it is essential to formulate cleansers with anti-aging properties.  Our Absolutely Youthful Hydra Cleanser uses Organic Purple Coneflower Extract aka Echinacea, has more than 300% cichoric acid (Wow!) to boost your skin’s collagen production.  Not only that, they also inhibit pigmentation for a brighter, smoother and even skin complexion.  Say hello to a youthful and gorgeous complexion!

Bio-hertz energy-enhancing packaging
Apart from using premium quality certified organic ingredients, we also use a special packaging which is an energy-enhancing Miron Violet Glass to keep the active ingredients alive and increase the efficacy of the skincare products. Experience the skin transformation and own clear, healthy and makeup-free skin which is our promise to our customers.
Yea, we are more than happy to say we are very satisfied with the wonders of this amazing cleanser.  We can’t wait for you to try it.  If you love our new and improved Absolutely Youthful Hydra Cleanser, share your thoughts and leave some comments below. 
Alright, until next time!

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