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How to look and feel beautiful in 2020

by admin 15 Jan 2020
Moving ahead to the year 2020, rather than making bucket lists and new year resolutions, it is time for us to keep things simple. One straightforward question that we should ask is, how satisfied are we with ourselves? 
Many believe that we have to change ourselves to fit into the society standards, hence we constantly find new things to tackle and improve. Although setting goals can be a good thing to change for the better, however, sometimes it may also cause dissatisfaction and struggles with self-acceptance.
Scrolling through social media with high beauty influencers of high standards that are simply unattainable, we often forget to be kind to ourselves, especially as we compare ourselves to others who are also struggling with themselves. Therefore, we all need help now more than ever. Let us inspire and share with you how to truly look and feel beautiful from the inside out.

  1. Celebrate simplicity

Remember that simple is beautiful. In today’s society where we are taught to stand out, we often think that extravagance is attractive and being basic is boring. We are unable to expose one’s true naked self, forget how to be simple and embrace the real us. Women especially are constantly being taught that we need this and that or follow whatever popular beauty trends. Some of our customers shared their struggles that they are unable to leave the house as they do not feel presentable and confident without all the fanciful make-up. 
Celebrate simplicity, natural beauty is the simplest yet the most beautiful form of beauty. It is accentuating what we already have, not covering or changing it. In this world of complexity; if we want to be “different”, simplicity stands out more than ever. Therefore, it is always our goal to help customers reclaim back their confidence by achieving clear, healthy and makeup-free. Join us by going back to the basics and be comfortable in our skin.

2.  Choose to age gracefully
Yes, adding another year to age?
 Ageing is a gift yet we are obsessed with freezing our faces? Botox and fillers are getting more popular for customers as young as in their 20s who have nothing to fix. And others consider going under the knife and pulling strings under their faces. Can eternal youth be achieved? Let’s face it, it is not possible even with plastic surgery. 
The real concept of “anti-ageing” is not about freezing our age to look 20 when we are 50. It is to delay ageing by letting our skin’s age be younger than our biological age. Our goal is not to stop time, it is to protect and nourish the skin cells so that it can slow down the ageing process to look 30 at 40, 40 at 50 and so on. 
Ageing is inevitable, but we can learn the right way to age. We can nurture our skin by feeding it with good food such as active botanical ingredients and antioxidants that increase the skin’s cell turnover rate. Also, choose clean, non-toxic organic beauty and stay away from disruptive ingredients that may cause our skin to age faster than it should be. Let us all age gracefully and naturally, looking healthy and youthful onward.

3. Self-care
Take good care of ourselves as we only have one life to live. As cliche as it sounds, we need to spend some time alone and pamper ourselves. In this new year, we have many new goals to reach and things to accomplish. Let us not forget to pull breaks, strive for some balance and recharge ourselves. 
Destress and unwind with regular heavenly spa-like facials to help us look and feel beautiful while improving our skin, https://keworganics.com/organic-treatments/face/. If we do not have 2 hours to spare, quick facials are now an open option as the results can be as good as full facials, https://keworganics.com/sugar-k-organic-peel-bar-2/.
Turn our skincare routine into our self-care ritual, enjoy the moments and focus on the therapeutic process. We can also dedicate some time weekly such as masking our face, soaking in a bubble bath, massaging with the body oil and body scrub. Do what relaxes us and makes us feel good, create a sanctuary from a hectic day and our busy lives. 
Let’s all leave behind 2019 and start 2020 anew by setting these straight. Look and feel the beauty that comes from the inside. Let us all focus on self-contentment, self-acceptance and self-love so that we can radiate the inner beauty within us!

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