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Looks can be deceiving in a good way 2

by admin 31 Oct 2019

One of the concerns of today’s beauty industry is more are in search for the “quick fix” as they neglected to start anti-aging early. Or, there is the extreme opposite who starts botox and fillers as early as their 20s, believing they can prevent aging. However, these are not lasting solutions as many regretted with the end result of stiff expressions and resembles a plastic figurine wax.
If you have been considering plastic surgery, we reckon to opt for natural alternatives. The best part yet? Did we mention it is also natural and organic? The real you is enhanced to age as nature intended: beautifully and gracefully. 
How so? Instead of freezing, we do the reverse to bring back energy and life. Feed our skin with nutritious superfoods that are all natural, non-gmo and certified organic. Stimulate the muscles from within to release tension, detoxify, increase blood flow and oxygen. Bringing the best of both worlds, Kew Organics combines nature and cutting-edge beauty technology that can glorify our skin by going a little deeper and work on what’s underneath. 

We’ve mentioned in our previous blog to incorporate anti-ageing products as early as 21 to keep skin strong, healthy and more resilient to fine lines and wrinkles. Read our blog: https://keworganics.com/from-the-blogs/aging-is-inevitable-but-looking-your-age-is-optional/ to kickstart. When should I start getting an anti-aging facial? Facials are no longer a want, it is a need. A deep cleansing facial which comprises of extractions, a massage and finishing off with some skin care application is good, but we also need a little help with the aid of beauty machines with superior products. Find out which are the treatments that can help us age gracefully.  

1. Microneedling
 No need for injections, this is skin-filling without the fillers. It is an anti-aging treatment which targets the epidermis and dermis to induce collagen growth for a smoother skin surface. If you want younger-looking skin with even skin texture, this plumps the skin to fill in the damaged layers.

How it works?
True to its name, microneedling uses micro-needles to create tiny micro-injuries in the top layer of the skin. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by using the body’s natural healing process. It also boosts the absorption as the needles insert the skin to create entry points, coupled with the use of with our active botanical ingredients and antioxidants to enhance the skin performance more effectively. 
Also works for acne scars 
If you are suffering from texture issues, this is absolutely for you to rejuvenate your skin. Apart from antiaging, it can also help with acne scarring such as pitted or rolling indents as this treatment spurs collagen growth to fill in the holes. Not to worry at all, the needles are totally safe and you may only experience a mild tickling sensation. They feel more like tiny pinpricks on the skin, even if you are afraid of needles, you will have no trouble with this treatment. 

2. Radio Frequency 
 Wrinkles are a part of our life process and aging skin are often lead by the of loss the skin elastin and fibroblast which maintain the structure of the skin. As a natural occurring stage of aging, these fibers that build the skin’s connective tissue eventually weakens and overtime our skin becomes thinner than before.

How it works?
 During RF treatment, the current flows from the electrodes of an RF device into out skin tissues. It uses energy to generate heat and encourage the production of new collagen and elastin. It also “irons” the skin to straighten out wrinkles and fine lines. The procedure triggers fibroplasia, which is the process when the body forms new fibrous tissue, hence causing the collagen fibers to shorten and thicken. When this happens, our skin tissue becomes denser as well as firm, therefore increasing the skin’s elasticity and tautness. 
We use FDA approved 3DEEP Radio Frequency technology which utilises a deeper dermal RF penetration with controlled energy into the skin layers without any pain or risk. It can significantly firm, tighten and lift all at once for sagging skin.
Targeted and can be used on any parts 
 Yes, this is the treatment for you if you are troubled with a specific area as it is great for working with targeted skin areas. Focus on those hard to reach corners such as nasolabial folds, crow’s feet and frown lines. Also, other than the face, it can be used in other areas such as the neck, abdomen, arms, thighs, knees and even buttocks. In some cases, we can do body tightening to increase skin laxity as a post-pregnancy belly treatment, in addition, it also helps to reduce fats for the body. 

3. Red Carpet Organic Facial (Signature treatment)
 As we get older, our skin becomes loose and muscles are weakened, hence it is unable to hold the skin tissue in place. Therefore, to really prevent and delay aging, we need to stimulate the muscles and uplift the face from the inside out.

How does it work?
 While botox paralyses our muscles, we do the reverse. Why? Use it or lose it, the rate of our muscle loss is highly dependent on our exercise levels. Here comes our Red Carpet Organic Facial - It does the intensive workout for us sans the pain, soreness, sweat, breathlessness and tiredness. It is literally gym for our face as it exercises the muscles with micro-current to cross-train our 57 facial muscles.
As our muscles are activated, our body responds by stimulating collagen to build resilience and prevent age-loss. The result is a sculptured face as the skin gets lifted and muscles are toned. Also, facial muscle exercise improves blood circulation which increases oxygen flow and expels toxin for energized and youthful-looking skin. It is coupled with the application of organic botanicals and nutrient-rich serums to pamper the skin for an unrivalled exuberance glow. 
No matter the age we can start
 We’re not kidding when we say that early signs of aging won’t be an issue for us if we start this treatment as early as teens-20s. If we are in our 30s, the skin’s elasticity changes, hence this treatment helps to increase collagen growth which strengthens and builds stronger facial muscles for premature aging. Lastly, women in their 40s-50s, it is not too late as this treatment address the problem at the root by rebuilding the muscle age-loss and lift the skin tissue at its foundation. Yes, this non-invasive treatment is your long-term solution and a sustainable way to anti-aging for all ages without surgery, downtime or procedures.

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