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Pro-Ageing – Celebrating Beauty at Every Life Stage

by Shermaine Chua 20 Oct 2023

In a world obsessed with youthful appearances and the relentless pursuit of eternal youth, we are going against the current by advocating for the natural process of ageing.

Pro-ageing is a mindset that encourages individuals to celebrate every age and stage of life, valuing the experiences and wisdom that come with the passing years. It's about working with your life stage, not against it, and radiating beauty and confidence regardless of age.

This means acknowledging and accepting the lines on your face, the greying of your hair, and the transformation of your body – all testaments to a life well-lived. Every wrinkle tells a story, every grey hair holds a memory and every experience shapes who you are today. 

After all, true beauty is timeless and knows no age. Each life stage brings its own unique allure. So why not embrace your current stage and enhance your best features, rather than try to replicate a past version of yourself? 

Here are some ways you can embrace the ageing process and adopt a pro-ageing mindset:

Invest in age-appropriate skincare

kew organics skincare

Ageing is a natural and inevitable fact of life. Rather than going against it by splurging on aesthetic treatments with the hope of looking younger (while stiffening your facial expressions in the process!), why not embrace it? Plus, the risks of aesthetic treatments can have lasting and unwanted consequences. Take botox for example. Studies have shown that prolonged use of it, and in high doses, causes long-term damage to the muscles rendering them unable to function normally, or facial distortion, in some cases. In addition, this atrophy or weakening of the muscle might make the underlying veins in their faces more visible. 

Rather than taking risks that will inadvertently reverse your initial intentions, flow with the current of time by taking care of your skin with skincare designed to address your evolving needs as you journey through different stages of life.

Laugh more

laughter and laugh lines

Laughter is the soul's way of celebrating life. Those laugh lines are symbols of happiness and joy experienced over a lifetime. As we age, it becomes less important to get rid of the lines as it is to focus on ageing gracefully. This can be achieved by prioritising skin health to ward off premature ageing through the use of skincare like our Bio-Peptides Wrinkle Filler Serum, Triple Strengthening Neck & Decollete Serum and Cacao Okra Age-Defying Eye Serum.

So, laugh more, celebrate the good times, and wear your laugh lines proudly as marks of a life filled with love and laughter.

Move regularly

moving regularly pro-ageing

Regular exercise is a gateway to a fulfilling life at any age. It reduces stress, improves sleep, enhances skin and bone health, and boosts your mood. The endorphins released during exercise act as natural mood enhancers, empowering you to live each day to its fullest. If you think you’re too old to keep up with an active lifestyle like you used to when you were younger, let Joan MacDonald’s story be an inspiration for you!

At 70, Joan MacDonald was on medication for high blood pressure and acid reflux – she was the weakest she’s ever been. That, in itself, was an epiphany for her. With the help of her daughter who is a fitness coach, she decided to turn her life around. 5 years on, today, she is healthier than ever before and can even deadlift 80kg. Follow her story here:

Go out on walks, take a dip in the pool, keep active and get your fill of Vitamin D –  you don’t have to worry about pigmentation or age spots if you’ve got our Ultra-Fluid Tinted UV Protector SPF 25 and Tri-Phase Antioxidant Redefining Concentrate!

Fuel your body with goodness

Adopt a balanced and nutritious diet that incorporates vibrant fruits and vegetables, nutritional superfoods, protein and good fats. These choices will not only improve your skin health but also nourish your body as a whole.

You don’t have to defy the natural ageing process. Work with it so that you’ll always be living your best life at every stage.

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