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Skin sensitivity rescue and damage repair

by admin 14 Feb 2020

Good news! Did you know that sensitive skin is a skin condition which means it can be healed? There are many different types of skin sensitivity, namely, redness, rashes, dryness and flaky skin.  The causes vary as well; from genetics such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis, to inadequate skin care and unfavourable lifestyles.
Sensitive skin gives off the alarm that there is a weakening of your skin’s protective barrier, which means you should hesitate no more in saying bye-bye to chemical-laden, conventional skincare products as they, without a doubt, will further damage the skin.  The foolproof solution? None other than clean, toxic-free, certified organic beauty which will nourish, build up and strengthen the immunity of the skin.  
Here’s a look at the products which will gladly accomplish the mission of transforming your skin - Our new range of sensitive skin series. Let us share how they can relieve, soothe, repair and strengthen your skin’s immunity; clean, clear, healthy and makeup-free skin is the ultimate goal.  Here we go!

1. Sensitive Skin Rescue Cleanser
Rejoice, people! Our ultra-mild Sensitive Skin Rescue Cleanser softens and nourishes your skin, while removing makeup, oil and dirt gently and thoroughly.  No nasties or harsh ingredients to rip off what little protection you have left on your skin. For those out there who are experiencing sensitive skin with breakout at the same time, we’ve got you covered - The grape seed extract soothes and nourishes the sensitivity while effectively  treats breakout by killing the acne-causing bacteria. On top of this, the high dosage of Beta Carotene derived from the pumpkins and carrots protect the skin against damage. It also helps to boost collagen production to repair the skin barrier and strengthen the skin. Calming calendula and cucumber extract instantly soothes and reduces skin inflammation, redness and irritation. Use this as the first cleanse at night to help repair the skin barrier and watch the redness, irritation, angry and inflamed skin diminish. 
2. Skin Defence Essential Toner
 Are you one of those who skip toners? Or have your skin been sensitized by alcohol-fueled toners before? True, if you used the wrong toner, you may feel it is a redundant step in your skincare regime.  However, with the right one, you’ll be hooked as it does tons to relieve your sensitivity, dryness and redness, just to name a few. So, here comes the million-dollar question: What attributes to an ideal toner for sensitive, weak and fragile skin? First of all, the formulation should focus on pouring back nutrients to the skin to build up and strengthen its immunity system.  Next, it should bring back the balance of the skin’s PH so the skin can perform at its optimum again. An ideal toner for weak, sensitive skin should also be loaded with hydrating elements, including organic botanical extracts with antioxidants to protect, regenerate and restore the skin back to normal.  The toner that encompasess all these is none other than our Skin Defence Essential Toner. 
This nourishing and ultra-hydrating toner soothes skin sensitivity with 100% pure aloe vera which calms inflammation and redness. Plant-based ingredients such as organic pomegranate juice and grape skin work together to strengthen the skin’s defence and immunity to fight against damage. Packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, they act as a catalyst for collagen and cell regeneration to rapidly rebuild strong and healthy skin.
Want maximum result from your toner? Spritz it directly onto your face and pat gently.  Then, sit back, relax and let your body heat do the work of absorbing the toner deeper into your skin.  Avoid using cotton pads as the rubbing and tugging will further aggravate sensitive skin.   
PS… We bet you’ll be addicted to the aromatic spa-like scent, which is made of nothing but a combination of pure, premium botanical extracts. 

3. Divinely Gentle Exfoliant Powder 
Makeup, weather, stress, natural oils, and the simple passage of time cause dead cells to build up on the surface of your skin. These excessive dead cells make your skin appear dull, increase the visibility of fine lines, cause clog pores and breakouts.  That’s why exfoliation is a hot buzzword right now, and for good reasons! Apart from removing the upper layers of the epidermis, it improves the health and appearance of your skin tremendously, keeping it clear, clean, young and fresh.  Who doesn’t want that? But can sensitive skin, which is vulnerable and weak, be exfoliated? But of course! Meet the game changer - our Divinely Gentle Micro Exfoliant, literally.  Just take a look at the list of ultra-gentle ingredients; Adzuki rice, bamboo powder and oatmeal, just to name a few.  Adzuki rice acs as a magnet to draw out pollutant and excessive sebum. Bamboo powder is finely milled to gently exfoliate the excessive dead cells; unveiling soft, silky and smooth skin. Now, here comes our hero - Oatmeal.  Due to its abundance of lipids and proteins, oatmeal is the perfect gift from nature for dry and sensitive skin.  It is anti-inflammatory, soothes irritation and delivers moisture to offer maximum protection for the skin. 
A simple tip on how to maximize the benefit of this exfoliant - Mix a desired amount of powder with your cleanser and some water. Gently massage on your skin to remove the dead cells while nourishing your skin.  Say yes to a healthy and radiant complexion. 

4. Total Restorative Eye Essence 
Fine lines around sensitive eye area? Fight them naturally! Our Total Restorative Eye Essence offers antioxidant-rich hydration elements to the sensitive area around your eyes. Lightweight, fast-absorbing and refreshing, this formula which is enriched with shiitake mushroom and sea buckthorn, vows to soothe and reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and tiredness, sans the greasy and sticky feel. 
Choked full of 100% pure aloe vera, this cooling and soothing gel-like texture eye serum drains water retention and toxins to a tee.  Say bye bye to sensitive skin and that exhausted look just after a few applications! 

5. Nature’s Remedy Nourishing Moisturiser 
One of the most important steps in your daily skincare routine is moisturising correctly so your skin is well hydrated; keeping the lines and wrinkles at bay.  With so many options, it can be challenging to know which moisturiser is right for you, especially for sensitive skin. You may find that some moisturisers do not work for you as it dries up too quickly.  On the contrary, some are too heavy and greasy which cause breakout.  Enriched with nourishing, certified organic ingredients such as sunflower seed oil and mango extract, our Nature’s Remedy Nourishing Moisturiser sits nicely with dry, flaky, itchy and sensitive skin as it works magic to trap moisture inside the skin cells.  With well-hydrated skin, the itch is gone, redness and inflammation are also reduced significantly. Infused with calendula and high concentrations of squalene, this skin soothing moisturizer mimics the skin’s natural sebum to heal, repair and protect your skin, sans the greasy feel.  
With the above products in hand, there will be no more stress to deal with sensitive skin. Yeah! Alright that’s all for skincare products! Beside your daily rituals, you should also seek monthly treatments to soothe and repair sensitivity.  Check out our award-winning facial from Harper’s Bazaar 2020 - Best Power Lunch Facial. Talk about stretching the minutes and real results; 3 high beauty tech incorporated into 1 treatment compressed in 60 minutes. Saviour of sensitive skin! 

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