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Skin Transformational LED Organic Facial

by admin 15 Dec 2019

Can light really transform the skin? You may have heard of it but why is it good for the skin? Sounds unbelievably miraculous? Read on to find out.
The Light Emitting Diode (LED) or Photobiomodulation therapy is a beauty treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light to stimulate, heal, regenerate, and protect tissue, restore cellular energy and accelerate cell repair. 
This treatment is one that came from outer-space aka the astronaut facial. It was originally developed by NASA to use in plant growth experiments on shuttle missions and later found that it helps with speeding up astronaut’s tissue healing and repair as LED light therapy heals ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a cell that stores energy like a powerhouse. This NASA-tested skin booster gives the skin cells 'full tank of fuel' which helps regenerate the skin to treat multiple skin issues and conditions, particularly premature skin ageing and acne breakouts. Kew Organics LED Organic Facial uses a state-of-the-art Soli-Lite machine which emits LED light in different colours and wavelengths to trigger cell behaviour and cause various reactions in your skin, from soothing inflammation and stimulating collagen production, plumping up fine lines and minimizing wrinkles. This painless and non-invasive facial treatment accelerates repair and rejuvenation of the skin to restore skin’s radiance.

Properties of the 4 Wavelengths (nm)
Using a combination of four monochromatic wavelengths, which directly impacts cell behavior when applied to skin tissue. These ‘cell-specific’ wavelengths target photoreceptors to trigger certain intracellular responses.Safe for every skin type, indulge in the innovative Kew Organics LED Facial which delivers a myriad of benefits to revive your skin to its healthy, youthful glow.

○ Recommended for acne management
○ Contains purifying, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to heal blemishes
○ Destroys bacteria causing acne and restrains the bacteria spreading
○ Overall improves mild to moderate acne inflammatory acne
○ Results show a 76% improvement in clearing up acne with a blue-red combination after 12 weeks of daily treatment

  • Suitable for acne skin

(recommended to combine with red light)
Let’s kill that acne-causing bacteria under the skin! Monochromatic blue light destroys bacteria and restrains the spreading. All the bacteria that sites on the pimples are gone and can heal freely without worrying about getting infections again. 76% improvement has been shown while combined with red-light targeted to repair and heal acne. Yes please, bye acne!

○ Used at the beginning and end of the session to prepare skin and increase treatment efficiency
○ Improves lymph and blood circulation for cell growth and healthier skin
○ Soothes skin from sunburns
○ Used in combination with Near Infrared to prep skin and help drainage following invasive procedures

  • Suitable for redness and rosacea

(recommended to combine with Infrared light)
Desensitize with amber light to calm and soothe irritations. Boost your skin’s immune system by flushing waste, increase lymphatic flow and promote blood circulation. It is fast to stop burns and reduce redness over-time. Combined with red light, it helps to heal, induce collagen and increase cell renewal for strong and healthy skin.

○ Recommended for skin rejuvenation, damage repair and anti-ageing
○ Increases fibroblast proliferation and collagen production for natural self-repair
○ Promotes cell rejuvenation and speeds up skin’s natural healing process from redness, scars or acne
○ Its anti-inflammatory properties boosts wound healing after laser, burns, post- peeling
○ Entire skin’s layer, including dermis, absorbs the red light
○ Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Suitable for uneven, pigmented and premature skin

Say hello to makeup-free skin! LED red light boosts the production of cell regeneration, collagen and fibroblast. It also decreases melanocyte cell production (the melanin-forming cells) and reduces any autoimmunity contributing to the depigmentation. Reduce the appearance of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. Achieve smooth even skin complexion with active organic botanical skincare. Rejuvenate your way to look younger as you get older.

○ Highest and deepest level of penetration
○ Accelerates the healing process following invasive procedures
○ Shortens recovery time from pain, swelling and hematoma
○ Enhances fibroblast production for effective wound healing
○ Absorbed by the cell’s membrane which accelerates defence and repair mechanisms
○ Triggers deep tissue to stimulate processes and cellular repair mechanisms

  • Suitable for damaged skin

Safe. Non-invasive. No side effects. With the deepest and highest layer of penetration, infrared light is absorbed by all the skin layers, including dermis and cell membrane. It triggers deep tissue to stimulate and accelerate skin cell production at the fastest possible speed to shorten recovery time. Good for wound healing and post-care!

How often should it be done?
Results are progressive, so you will notice further improvement in the texture and appearance of your skin with each session. We recommend repeating treatments once per week for several weeks to achieve a satisfactory result and then dropping down to once every few months for maintenance. 
Is this the same as home LED devices?
No, home devices are low in frequency with lesser effect. In comparison, professional LED light therapy will get the most dramatic result. Kew Organics uses medical-grade Soli-Lite machine with higher frequencies and proven with visible results from the first session. Just like plants, your skin needs oxygen, light, water and minerals for growth. #keworganics combine water-based hydrating skin care with supergrade quality certified organic botanical ingredients and the LED therapy. It speeds up the skin recovery process from various skin woes and strengthens its resilience against environmental stressors. 
Treatment Name: Sugar K LED Therapy
Duration: 20 mins
Pricing: $80 per session
Press for time? No worries, you can pop in and out as frequently as all it takes is only 20 minutes. Transform your skin to improve specific skin conditions and achieve clear, healthy and makeup-free skin. 
Treatment Name: Kew Organics Skin Transformation LED Organic Facial
Duration: 90 to 120 mins 
Pricing: $330
Or you can level up and go for the full spa-like facial indulgence. With deep extractions and massage. Enjoy and pamper yourself with a relaxing session of pure bliss and heavenly hands-on. 

Book in today! Exclusively available at our Cluny Court outlet.
Good news there is a 20% off for 1st trial if you are a new customer or an existing customer who hasn’t tried the treatments. 

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