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What are you? Dehydrated skin or dry skin?

by admin 19 Dec 2022

Dehydrated skin and dry skin, despite sharing some similar symptoms, are two different skin conditions.  Dry skin, due to a lack of moisture, is a skin type that experiences rough texture. It happens when the skin underproduces sebum and sometimes has a surplus of layers of dead skin cells. Premature fine lines and wrinkles, barely visible pores and matte skin are some dry skin features. 

Dehydrated skin is one that is lacking in water and can affect almost anyone. Your skin can feel oily underneath yet dehydrated on the superficial layer. It is common to have clogged pores, milia seeds and breakouts on such skin. Both skin conditions may feel tight and uncomfortable, with a skin tone that is dull and sallow. Simply drinking plenty of water is insufficient to hydrate your skin because only a little goes to it. You will need to use water-based skincare products daily. For dry skin, it is recommended to top up with cream-like viscosity serums and moisturizers; preferably those that contain Jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid and Camellia seed oil, just to make a few. 

There are specific products to tackle these skin conditions. For dry skin, they are PH Balance Purifying Cleanser ,Skin Defence Essential Toner and 

our star product, Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist. The latter is packed with more than 90% of precious organic rose hydrosol as the base ingredient and a bespoke concoction of hydrating, certified organic botanicals. 

Our Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist is a holy grail for you whenever you feel like your skin needs some extra oomph to stay refreshed and rejuvenated on the go, with or without makeup on. 

Dehydrated skin has the most prominent results with H2o+ Masque, Clear Skin Treatment Essence, Megaboost Hyaluronic+ Concentrate Serum, Elixir Hydrating Concentrate Serum 

In addition some simple lifestyle changes may also help to increase the hydration level of your skin: 

  1. Use tap water to clean your face, instead of warm or hot water
  2. Use fragrance-free products
  3. Gently pat dry your skin after cleansing 
  4. Apply skincare products when your skin is damp from toner and essences for maximum absorption
  5. Avoid heat sources such as BBQ pit 

Remember, the key strategy to hydrate your skin is consistently using the right products and misting it every 2-3 hours daily so that the skin is in a constant state of hydration. And before you know it, you’ll have clear, healthy, makeup-free skin!

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