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by admin 31 Aug 2020
We debunked the most common myths of skincare in our previous blog. If you have yet to read, click HERE to find out.  Today, let’s talk about the common myths of skin problems and how to tackle them – The right way!
Let’s get rolling …1. All about oily, acne-prone skin  Oily skin = Cleanse more often + use oil-control skincare products
Hydrate your skin to normalise your sebum production
It seems logical to wash your face more often or use oil-control skincare products to reduce excessive sebum.  However, the truth unveiled is a no-no because these methods strip away your skin’s natural layer of moisture, resulting in an escalation of sebum production in an attempt to replenish the moisture. It’s a merry-go-round and, seriously, there is no end to this vicious cycle unless you abide by this golden rule: Cleanse, tone, HYDRATE.  Yes, you heard us; gone are the days when you cleanse, tone and moisturise. Here’s the rationale:

Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist

Being in this part of the world where the hot and humid weather causes our sebaceous glands to actively secrete sebum, really, there is no need for moisturiser as the sebum is actually a layer of moisturiser already.  However, as the environmental factors constantly draw moisture from our skin and we do not have water glands, it’s a must to apply water-based products to replenish the loss of moisture, and simultaneously retard the sebum production.
The success of our founder, Lily Kew’s skin transformation; from a face full of blemishes, acne and scarring to one that’s so clear and healthy (You’d think she had makeup on) is the revelation behind this game-changing, disruptive innovation.  Being the disruptive change in an industry is exactly the sort of thing that small scale enterprises like us are best at.  This revolution is in full swing as we live by it to transform the skin of thousands of our customers.  Using our water-based star serums such as Megaboost Hyaluronic Acid + Concentrate Serum and Elixir Hydrating Concentrate Serum as moisturisers, and misting the skin with our award-winning Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist a couple of times throughout the day to keep your skin in a state of constant hydration are unconventional strategies with exciting, unexpected solutions.  Our customers are delightfully surprised that their dream of going makeup-free becomes a reality when they partner with us to transform their skin.  Say hello to skin clarity!  Zap acne with pimple cream
Hydrate to soften pimples so it’ll heal faster
Due to excessive secretion of sebum, the pores in your skin get clogged and cause an acne breakout.  Pimple creams are not the real deal to effectively treat them because they often dry up the acne which makes extraction very difficult.  If the pores remain clogged, the breakout may spread further and, for sure, the scars and marks will not fade away.

Alfalfa & Fig Spot Solution Serum

The secret to free your skin from zits is to use products that contain ingredients which kill the acne bacteria while hydrating your skin at the same time.  Our Alfalfa & Fig Spot Solution Serum does just that.  Alfalfa aka Father of Plants, boasts medicinal properties such as lavones, lutein, isoflavones, spinasterol, and the eight essential amino acids, Fig, on the other hand, is packed with inflammation-fighting and detox-promoting antioxidants.  Put them together and, undoubtedly, they become the most ideal acne cure duo.  You will be blown away by how fast the pimples heal and leave no marks.  Wow hallelujah! 2. All about anti-aging  I am 50, I must buy skincare catered for mature skin
Biological age does not equate to skin age.  Find out exactly what your skin needs
Regardless of your age, it is important to buy skincare products based on your skin condition. Why not entrust your skin to our green beauty advisors? They’re the best to help you to achieve your skin goals.  Thank us later!
Ps. If you have not had your skin analysed, do visit us for a complimentary skin consultation.  RSVP at 88090065.
It is better not to start anti aging skincare too early, for fear of your skin getting accustomed to it
Your skin does not build up tolerance to anti-aging skincare ingredients
Prevention is better than cure. Due to a slowdown in the metabolic rate as one age, we’d advise you to embark on selective anti-aging skincare products to defy the aging process once you hit 25 year old.  Truly, the earlier you start, the better it will be as it delays skin aging, keeping your skin looking youthful.

Sugar Cane Royal Flush Exfoliant

Mandarin Acai Cleansing Lotion

A good recommendation would be our multiple award-winning product Sugar Cane Royal Flush Exfoliant.  It is full of nature’s treasure ie. Sugar Cane extract aka glycolic acid. It gently yet effectively sheds off excessive dead skin cells to unveil clear and healthy skin with even skin tone.  On the other hand, Mandarian Acai Cleansing Lotion has a high concentration of Vitamin C to cleanse and clarify skin while stimulating the cell renewal process.

Apple Stem Cell Vitaglow Serum

Immortelle Energizing Cream

In addition, our Apple Stem Cell Vitaglow Serum and Apple Stem Cell Vitaglow Creme contain, literally, swiss apple stem cells, a powerful botanical active ingredient to accelerate your skin’s regeneration process. There’s also our Elixir Hydrating Concentrate Serum and Immortelle Energizing Cream which are packed with Immortelle, a precious ingredient which taps on plant-based stem cell therapy to strengthen and boost your skin functions. Talk about covetous youthful-looking skin! 3. All about dry skin The thicker the cream, the better
Formula and ingredients matter

Dry skin is when there is insufficient sebum on the epidermis.  Thick and heavy creams can soothe the dryness temporarily, but as they do not get absorbed by the skin; the dryness still persists with the addition of milia seeds and breakout.

Nature’s Remedy Nourishing Moisturiser

Dose of Omega 7 Hydrating Emulsion

To tackle the dryness, ingredients are what really matter. Look for skincare products with fatty acid ingredients such as (Sunflower for Omega 6), (Macadamia Nut Oil for Omega 7),  (Mango for Omega 9), squalene and other lipids. These ingredients are truly remarkable for relieving dry skin as they mimic your skin’s natural moisture barrier to deeply moisturise sans the greasy feeling. You can find them in our Nature’s Remedy Nourishing Moisturiser and Dose of Omega 7 Hydrating Emulsion.
Okay, that’s all for now. Do feel free to ask us in the comments if you have any questions pertaining to skincare.  We are most happy to share.  ‘Til next time!
Stay happy and healthy!
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