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What Causes Your Skin To Darken?

by admin 17 Feb 2023

Hey Dearies!

Many ladies come to Kew Organics in their mid-thirties to treat their brown spots aka pigmentation. Is this a common occurrence that comes along with aging, or is the sun the culprit? Can it be avoided? What can we do to protect our skin? Read on to find out how we can fight the annoying pigmentation. 

The function of melanin aka pigmentation is to protect us from the sun. Melanin appears in many forms eg. pigmentation, brown spots, age spots, sun spots or freckles. As it is a shield for our skin against the harmful UV rays, hence it will increase according to the amount of exposure to UV rays. To prevent these unsightly spots from creeping to my face, I shun away from the sun between 10am - 4pm, and never fail to use my  trusted Ultra-Fluid Tinted UV Protector SPF25 everyday. Some nights when I have to work on my electronic devices, I’d slather some on my skin as well to ward off the damages the blue rays could do to it. 

Another beauty ritual I follow is to use gentle skincare products such as my good ol’ Apple Stem Cell Vitaglow Crème moisturizer to nourish and protect my skin. 

I also keep my skin in a state of constant hydration by applying Clear Skin Treatment Essence and Elixir Hydrating Concetrate Serum daily, and spritzing  Deluxe Hydra Nurtient Mist every 3-4 hours, throughout the day. These are organic goodies made with 100% certified organic and natural ingredients, and free from toxicity, harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives. These formulations are intentional because our skin absorbs whatever we apply on it; it’s like a sponge, soaking up all the good (and bad) stuff you apply on it.

Avoid, at all costs, harsh chemicals and foreign bodies from entering into our bloodstream as these can strip away our skin’s natural defenses, making it more vulnerable to darkening. 

Always remember this golden rule: Be kind to your skin, go clean beauty and you’ll be bestowed with a clear and healthy complexion. So go ahead, give your skin the organic love it deserves, and let that natural glow exude from within!

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