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A 5-Step Guide To An At-Home Facial - Clozette 12 May 2020

by admin 12 May 2020

Published on Clozette, 12 May 2020

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A 5-Step Guide To An At-Home Facial

A sweet treat for your skin

Therese Marie Lim on 12 May, 2020

Features Writer

Giving yourself an at-home facial may sound like risky business, but much like shaping your own brows, learning the proper process and using the right products will make all the difference. With the guidance of Lily Kew, the founder of Kew Organics and a graduate of Dominelli International College of Esthetics in Canada, learn how to do a safe and efficient facial in the comfort of your own home.

Play some relaxing tunes, put on your comfy robe, maybe light up a scented candle and let's get on with the pampering. Here is a five-step guide you can easily follow.

Step 1: The prep

Open pores with a facial steamer or a hot, damp towel.

First things first, you need to prepare all the tools and products: a facial steamer or a hot damp towel, an exfoliant, a cleanser, a masque, a toner, an eye mask, some facial serums, a facial oil and a facial mist. Then, pick a location where there is natural light. "This way, you can see yourself better in the mirror," Kew said, adding that you can also light scented candles and use essential oil diffusers to recreate a spa ambience.


Step 2: Exfoliation

In any facial treatment — at home or at the clinic — exfoliation is key. It removes all gunks to allow serums and oils to penetrate the skin deeply. For an effective exfoliation, Kew recommends this method: "Start off with using a facial steamer or gently dabbing a hot damp towel to open your pores. Next, start cleansing away all grimes, accumulated sebum and gunk with a cleansing lotion like the Mandarin Acai Cleansing Lotion; then exfoliate with a gentle micro exfoliant, I recommend the Divinely Gentle Micro-Exfoliant to remove the excess dead skin cells."

Step 3: Nourish and boost

After exfoliating is the "prime time" to nourish the skin. "Gently perform a simple facial massage (you can use a jade roller if you have one) with a facial oil serum," she said. For facial oils, Kew recommends the Cell Regeneration Facial Oil Serum (for other options, check out our reviews on facial oils). Next on the agenda is to "seal in the nourishment" with a mask rich in hyaluronic acid such as the Ultra-Revive H20+ Masque. For the eye area, Kew recommends the Youth Enhancer Eye Mask to combat fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and moisture loss.

Step 4: Tone time

After washing your masque, it's time for toning. For those with skin concerns, specific toners can help address them. "Use a facial mist that suits your skin: for dehydrated skin, a mist with antioxidant properties like the Resevatrol Rooibos Antioxidant Toner is great; for those with oily-combination skin type, a clarifying toner such as the Refreshing Clarifying Tonic is best," Kew shared. "Then, gently pat the desired amount of eye care (she recommends the Cacao Okra Age-Defying Eye Serum). If you have sensitive skin, you can go for our Total Restorative Eye Concentrate Serum."


Step 5: Hydrate, hydrate

For lasting hydration, Kew highlighted that it's important to finish strong with an intense layer of hydration. "Gently massage in essence and hydrating serums. I recommend the Clear Skin Treatment Essence, Elixir Hydrating Concentrate Serum and Apple Stem Cell Vitaglow Serum. Then, lather on some nourishing emulsion like our Dose of Omega 7 Hydrating (for oily-combination skin) or Immortelle Energizing Cream (for dry, mature skin) or Nature’s Remedy Nourishing Moisturizer (for sensitive skin)," she said. The very last step to an at-home facial is to spritz on a "nutrient mist" using the Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist (for alternatives, check out our facial mist beauty battle).
Kew also shared some dos and don'ts of at-home facials. "Make some time for a home facial at least once a month only, do not do it too frequently as it will be 'too much' for the skin," she cautioned. Lastly, while at-home facials are great, she highlighted that it is still not a replacement for salon facials so it's important to manage your expectations.

Find out more about Kew Organics here.

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