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Recommended Facials Beauty Treatments Singapore - Honeycomber 23 July 2019

by admin 23 Jul 2019

Published on Her World, 25 April 2019

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Best facials in Singapore: Get your glow on with magnetic masks, face peels and oxygen facials

Can’t remember the last time you had a facial? Don’t fret, these facials are coming to the rescue. We tested them and now all you need to do is make an appointment...

You might have nailed the double cleansing routine or have your 10-step regime (just like the Koreans do it), but taking care of your skin is more than throwing on a face mask or using a pore strip. Look to these best facials in Singapore to find a procedure suited to your skin type, and have your skin checked, pores thoroughly cleaned and blackheads extracted – by an expert. We tried some next-level treatments at Singapore’s best day spas and clinics for you. Ready for your post-facial glow?

Best facials in Singapore

8. Sugar K’s Organic Peel Bar

Removing your skin’s top layer of dead skin cells sounds like a terrifying concept but what if we told you it improves skin texture, treats acne scars and evens skin tone? Sugar K Organic Peel Bar (a sister brand of organic beauty brand, Kew Organics) offers a gentle all-natural face peel made with a sugar cane-derived formula and a blend of citrus fruit acids. All you need is 20 minutes and you’ll leave with a radiant boost. Trust us, we got to meet founder Lily Kew, and her out-of-this-world complexion speaks volumes about her products.
Sugar K Organic Peel Bar, $70 per session, enjoy 10% off for your first trial, various locations including OUE Downtown Gallery, Everton Park and Cluny Court
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