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Soulscape - Review: An Organic Facial with Kew Organics Facial Bar

by admin 30 Oct 2017

Published on Soulscape , 10 March 2016

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When it comes to facial, I’m not one to wholeheartedly commit, especially on a monthly basis. Between six months to a year, when I do feel the need to touch up a little, I lean towards the organic ones. Kew Organics Facial Bar (KOFB) at Everton Park went beyond my expectations; earning themselves the label of a “Hidden Gem”, especially amongst the typical HDB shops. Coupling the tasteful interior of the French with Singapore’s iconic HDB features created the ultimate level of coziness for me — definitely one of my main requirements when it comes to my relax time.
The facial started with three soothing inhalations of aromatherapy and face cleansing. Typically, organic facials take a gentle approach to start with, mostly resorting to a steamer as their sole form of machinery. KOFB substitutes the device with a simple warm towel; mainly “because a steamer is too intense for the skin”, says Lily – the owner of KOFB.
Although the brand does not resort to steamers to enhance their treatments, KOFB does boast a plethora of top-notch gadgets that enhance later processes — a highlight on their part, considering these devices are not commonly used in other organic facial locales.
Let’s move on to the results: Three weeks later I returned for a second treatment, and needles to say, my skin was in a much better condition. Clogged pores were visibly diminished, and the entire treatment was a lot less painful. Another bonus was the lack of breakouts, compared to the usual. I saw a reduction in fine lines around my eyes too — which was an improvement. The facial I had was called the Hyapeptide Anti-Aging Solution, which is suitable for all skin types, and costs S$260 for 120 minutes. It’s pretty well priced, considering the organic products and technology used.
Even without problematic skin conditions, KOFB has lovely facials to choose from. For example the Deluxe Hydra Treatment @ $130 – a thirst quenching, hydrating facial for dehydrated skin. Or the Needleless Meso Therapy @ $190 – a revolutionary system that is painless, using specific micro currents to deliver the serums into the deeper layers of your skin.
Although I still like the relaxing organic facials from time to time, I am definitely convinced that the beauty treatments that KOFB has formulated are amazing for solving problem skin. Plus I absolutely love, and support their use of organic skincare products!
Feeling a little curious? Kew Organics Facial Bar is offering Hyapeptide Anti-Aging Solution at 50% off from its usual price of $260 ie. $130 for 120 mins of being unashamedly pampered, indulged and invigorated all at once! This offer is valid for female first timers above 25 years old. This promotion is valid until 30th April 2016. Click here for more details.
The first machine used was a medical grade polymer. The name does sound deceptively complicated, but all it does is gently exfoliate the skin. The device hits the spot when addressing large pores, chickenpox scares, acne, acne scares, oily skin, fine lines and wrinkles. This removes the dead skin cells and leaves the face clean, smooth and ready for rejuvenating serums.
The second gadget in their arsenal is named Micro Needling; designed to promote collagen production and regeneration. It stimulates the epidermis, bringing the serum to deeper layers of the skin, while stimulating the skin’s natural repair systems. The name does indicate that pain might come along with the procedure, but it only leaves customers with mild discomfort. The feeling does resemble “scratching”, and it’s strength is felt in different amounts depending on areas of your face.
They finish the treatment with a clay mask, followed by a firm shoulder and head massage. These four forms of treatments combine to two whole hours of skin therapy! If you’re wondering about quality in actual creams and oils, KOFB brings in products from Canadian brand Yum (certified organic and vegan) and, much like its namesake, produces a “yummy” aroma. Another organic product I’ve taken a liking to is Black Chicken Remedies, an Australian brand — just as impressive.
Unfortunately, after the first treatment my skin started to turn red; this resulted in clogged pores that required an extraction process. The therapist recommended an eye cream and an apple serum by Yum to replace my usual, also organic, facial oil. She explained that facial oils are good, but meant for daily usage — resulting in my pore predicament. She also encouraged the daily use of sunblock due to its properties as a moisturiser. Sunblock should then combine with a moisturising facial mist for longer lasting moisture.
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