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Go green and natural: Shop organic skincare in Singapore and your skin will thank you for it - Honeycombers 3 Oct 2019

by admin 03 Oct 2019

Published on Honeycombers, 3 October 2019

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Go green and natural: Shop organic skincare in Singapore and your skin will thank you for it

Calling all eco-beauty warriors! Here's a guide to the best natural and organic skincare stores in Singapore for all your mindful primping needs.

Organic food and ethical fashion have come a long way in Singapore, and now it’s time for natural makeup and skincare products (and those made with super ingredients) to steal the spotlight. From fruit-dyed lipsticks to certified organic serums, these mindful beauty brands – locally made or available in Singapore – are the goods. All-natural, toxin-free cosmetics and skincare aren’t just better for your skin, but the planet too.

Natural and organic skincare in Singapore

Kew Organics: Water-based and organic skincare

Touted as Singapore’s first ‘serious’ water-based organic skincare, Kew Organics is perfect for Singapore’s humidity. The range features facial oils, treatment essences, face mists, micellar water and balms that are packed with active botanicals and pH-balancing elements. Goodbye, dehydrated skin! Oh, and all products come in European Miron Violet Glass which retains the freshness of active ingredients in the formulas.
Kew Organics, available online and at multiple locations including Cluny Court and Clarke Quay Central
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