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How to protect your skin from face mask irritation- Prestige 21 April 2020

by admin 21 Apr 2020

Published on Prestige, 21 April 2020

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Now that face masks are mandatory when and if you need to leave your house, we’re dealing with more beauty woes, especially skin irritation. No matter what mask you wear — fabric, surgical, or an N95 respirator — it can wreak havoc on your skin. It’s meant to be worn tightly around the nose, which traps your breathing. Coupled with the sweat from our humid climate, it can lead to pressure damage on the nose and cheeks, and gradually, rashes, irritations, and skin breakouts. Theseskin problems can be dealt with, but remember that whatever you do, do not take off your mask until you are safely at home. Ahead, five tips to help you prevent and treat face mask related skin irritation.
Keep your skin and mask clean 
Use a gentle, non-comedogenic face wash to minimise irritation, and choose a formula that offers hydration for dehydrated, sensitive, and inflamed skin.
Look for skin-soothing ingredients such as green tea, and bisabolol, which is often found in chamomile. If your skin is more tolerant, a gentle cleanser with a mild dose of glycolic acid or salicylic acid helps to slough away dead skin and impurities that can clog your complexion. Steer away from harsh scrubs and chemical exfoliants if your skin is already showing signs of irritation.
Also keep that reusable mask clean. Wash it regularly not just for face hygiene, but to also prevent any lingering germs.

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