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The Best Last-Minute Beauty Gifts For Mother’s Day This 2020 - Nylon 6 May 2020

by admin 06 May 2020

Published on Nylon, 6 May 2020

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The Best Last-Minute Beauty Gifts For Mother’s Day This 2020


Now that your mom’s working from home, it’s the perfect time to give her a nice pampering treat with a facial kit like this by Kew Organics Skincare. Transform dull, lacklustre skin with their special Mother’s Day Transformational Kit which features a mix of three serums — Megaboost Hyaluronic Concentrate Serum, Apple Stem Cell Vitaglow Serum and Q10 Pomegranate Line-Reducing Concentrate Serum — that boasts brightening, hydrating and anti-ageing properties respectively. Adding on to the kit, it also comes with a Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist — made with a potent blend of superfood antioxidants to keep skin moisturised and hydrated ‘round the clock. Alternatively, for a brighter and radiant complexion, you can give your mom the Ultra-Glow Kit instead. In this kit, you’ll find their Mandarin Acai Cleansing Lotion — which helps to remove stubborn makeup and dead skin cells — Megaboost Hyaluronic Concentrate Serum, Ferulic C Super-Revitalize Serum and Sugar Cane Royal Flush Exfoliant that works to reveal your best complexion for clear and dewy skin.
The Transformational Kit ($225) and Ultra-Glow Kit ($199) are available at keworganics.com.sg.
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