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Bespoke Organic Skin Gym Treatment Facial, Skin Gym

by admin 16 Dec 2015
An affordable luxury face workout to lift your skin and tone your muscles. A treatment of prime calibre! Beauté by Kew brings to you a fresh, new vintage metropolitan concept in beauty and anti-ageing. Singapore's first all ladies organic beauty bar, we offer you bespoke organic face treatments using most raved about cult brand organic skincare products with cutting-edge technology and fullyqualified aestheticians. This ensures you receive the most personalized services and top notch results. Beauté by Kew is proud to introduce her signature facial – Bespoke Organic Skin Gym Facial; the secret to keeping your face looking younger! We are talking about looking younger and muscles stimulated to reproduce collagen without surgery, downtime or procedures. Instead, the idea is to get the muscles in your face lifted and fit painlessly. It is part massage, part workout for your face, part affordable luxury. Everyone knows that in order to stay youthful and fit, a commitment to regular exercise and eating well is essential. The paradigm of nutrition and exercise being the mainstay of fitness is well established - Every bodybuilder knows that building muscle tissue requires eating correctly and exercising very regularly. When we exercise aggressively, we are actually injuring our tissues microscopically and that leads to mild inflammatory response (post-exercise soreness). This inflammatory response is necessary in activating the body’s healing mechanisms leading to newer, healthier and restored muscle. Proper nutrition acts as a catalyst to a well-toned body by providing the building blocks for repair. Through a long-term regimen of nutrition and exercise, bodies can be made to be stronger, healthier and fitter, maintaining a younger appearance. The exact same paradigm applies to keeping our facial appearances youthful and toned, particularly facial skin. With progressive aging, the structural integrity of our skin’s elasticity and collagen diminish, leading to skin sagging wrinkles. Slowing down and preventing this change is paramount in 21st century anti-aging technology. Enter Beaute by Kew’s concept of the Skin Gym - a regular program of exercise and nutrition for the skin and facial muscles that keep our ladies looking remarkably younger and natural looking for decades. When we regularly exercise the skin and facial muscles using a variation of anti-aging technology, we are actually producing low level controlled stimulation to the skin structure. The skin responds with a mild, often unnoticeable, inflammatory reaction. This, to the layman, is some soreness experienced during the treatment. Through regular treatments, we can often repair the insidious damage of aging faster than it occurs. I call that ‘aging in reverse’, and it is a reality practiced every day in Beaute by Kew. As for the nutritional component of this equation, we know that concentrated benefits can be delivered to the skin by topical application of premium natural organic skincare products. True to its name - Bespoke Organic Skin Gym Facial, this age management concept is customized to suit the different skin conditions of any individual above the age of 25. While we see an everincreasing number of ladies in our organic beauty bar having various beauty treatments, the area where the growth of visits has skyrocketed is in this non-surgical facial rejuvenation. An obvious reason is, this treatment does away with downtime, the danger of going under the knife and unbearable pain. For all you women visiting the gym to stay toned and fit, here is the answer for keeping your face as chiselled as your abs. Once understood, the Skin Gym concept is rather simple and familiar. Delivering it well, however, requires a varied advanced degree of professional skill and equipment. At Beaute by Kew, Bespoke Organic Skin Gym Facial is performed by highly skilled CIDESCO graduates armed with more than a decade of experience. In addition, it provides a comprehensive ‘gym workout’ through many energy devices, such as US or RF technology, to effectively ‘cross-train’ the skin and facial muscles. Skin Gym concept does work quite effectively to slow down and even reverse aging! This effective treatment will deliver an experience as good for the soul as it is for the complexion. It will virtually send you off to a higher plane. It’s that good!
  • Muscle movement-skin firming massage
  • Interval face muscle resistance training
  • Acupressure Face Reflexology
  • Muscle Rolling Lift & Tone
  • Shoulder/Neck Release massage
  • Signature Hydration Mist
  • Black Chicken Remedies and/or Yum Gourmet Skincare Products, depending on the skin conditions
In addition, this treatment:
  • Energizes complexion
  • Tones/Strengthens face muscles & skin
  • Minimizes stress & releases tension
  • Muscle Rolling Lift & Tone
  • Whole body rejuvenation
  • Softens fine lines & wrinkles
  • Brightens eye area
So, get in touch with your face, reclaim control of your aging process, and discover your beauty from inside out. For skin that needs extra uber-touch, there is our popular add-on treatment aka Thy Skin Booster ($20 10min) on the plate. This treatment uses the spotlight technology to:
  • Target on specific areas of your concern, such as, forehead & eyes, cheeks & mouth, doublechin and neck
  • Improves Skin's Flexibility
  • Diminishes Signs of stress & ageing
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Give your skin that glow which exudes from inside out
Forget about the sweat, breathless exercise and tired muscles. The Bespoke Organic Skin Gym Facial is a session of face workout that is unashamedly pampered and invigorated all at once!
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