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Get a natural, instant facelift – without the surgery

by admin 07 Dec 2017

Finding a great facialist is kind of like searching for the ideal husband. You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. But once you find “the one,” you’ll discover that a good facial is a life-changing thing. Your skin will look and feel its best for months. Say “hello” to an instant confidence boost! The key to a good facial is premium natural products, technique – we’re talking massage, lymph drainage, muscle firming and a truly personalised experience. There’s nothing like bespoke service. Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve tried the best facials in the US, UK, throughout EU and Asia – including the little red dot of Singapore. We compiled our research and created something next level, adding the Kew Organics twist to it. Meet the rejuvenating, Organic Red Carpet Facial at Kew Organics.


Get that red carpet glow.


Hollywood’s top A-listers rely on this facial to get their skin red carpet-ready before events. Have we solved the mystery of their youthful glow? Beauties such as Miranda Kerr, Sofia Coppola, Madonna, Emmy Rossum, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Emily Ratajkowski and Amanda Seyfried are steadfast believers in it – because the results are instant.


How does it work?


We combine our own nutrient-rich organic products – made in Japan and Canada with the latest medi-aesthetic technology that includes therapeutic microcurrents, microdermabrasion, multi-polarity electroporation and double lifting techniques. Our microcurrent wand naturally sculpts the cheekbones, jawline and brows and reduces fine lines in one session. It increases collagen production by 10-15%. It’s like going to the gym, but for your face – and it’s much more relaxing. In fact, most of our clients fall asleep during this snoozy procedure. It’s a natural treatment, we have microcurrents flowing through our chi, life force. But when skin is damaged or aging, the flow of currents is blocked. This treatment reconnects those currents and repairs your skin from the inside out. Microdermabrasion is the secret to silky, soft skin. It brightens your complexion and leaves skin fairer and clearer. It reduces pores and the appearance of scars. It sucks out dead skin cells, excessive keratin and dirt. It’s completely painless and noninvasive. It stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells and reactivation of existing ones. Multi-polarity electroporation is a therapy that penetrates deep into skin, micro-massaging and stimulating blood circulation, collagen production and leaving skin firmer and rejuvenated. It also expels toxins, the culprit of pigmentation and discoloration. It allows optimal product absorption into the skin, visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Double-lifting naturally lifts the facial muscles and firms the decolletage. Wrinkles are softly pulled taut, taking years off your face. The best part? Did we mention all of these treatments are natural and organic? There’s no down time and the results are cumulative.


How long does it last?


The results last for months, literally. To get the most out of your treatment and continuously lift the skin and expel toxins, we recommend one facial per month to keep the results cumulative.


No matter your age, the red carpet facial will work for you.


The earlier we begin preventative face treatments, the better. They are the secret to aging gracefully and avoiding going under the knife down the line.


In order to clear up your complexion long-term, it’s essential to unclog pores so that spots and blackheads are less likely to form, have to get all that bacteria out! Bye bye toxins.




For teens-20s, it’s preventative, reduces acne breakouts and clears the complexion.



For women in their 30s, it helps maintain firm skin and silky texture. Once we hit our 30’s, our skin’s elasticity changes. There’s no denying that. This facial addresses that problem at the root, increasing collagen production by 10%, firming skin and giving it a silky soft texture. It allows you opt out of botox or other chemical anti-aging enhancements. Early signs of maturing skin won’t be an issue for you with these natural cutting-edge treatments.



For women in their 40s-50s+, it is an effective way to lift the visage and firm the décolletage. Wrinkles are softly pulled taut, leaving your expression elegant and relaxed. There is no superficial stretching of the facial features that is common with Botox or plastic surgery. The real you is rejuvenated to age as nature intended: beautifully and gracefully.



Give yourself the red carpet treatment. You deserve it.


Schedule an organic red carpet facial and rejuvenate your skin back to its youthful glory!


Book now.



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