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Organic Facials To Take Your Skincare Game To The Next Level

by admin 07 May 2021
Conventional skincare products may seem very effective at the start, but their harsh and harmful chemical ingredients simply dull and sensitise your skin over time, not to mention they also retard your cell renewal process, cause build up of toxin, prevent cellular activities to perform at their optimal and weaken your skin’s protective barrier.   
In addition, as your skin absorbs whatever you apply on it, statistically, it shows prolonged usage of conventional skincare products contribute to the deterioration of body health. 
The average woman uses 12 products containing 168 unique ingredients every single day. Most contain endocrine disruptors which can affect hormonal balance and fertility, while some contain ingredients with clear links to cancer. If you care to research how the harmful ingredients in skincare and cosmetic products could impact you and your family’s health, you wouldn’t go back to conventional skincare and cosmetic products. More women need to know this information.  
So, how do we overturn this? (Drumroll) Enter organic skincare and facials! These clean, pure, and nasties-free pampering sweeties are your solutions to a healthy body, and a clean and clear complexion so you can rock that real ‘No makeup’ makeup look in no time. 

  1. Use certified organic skincare products - Free from toxic and nasties 

Beauty is more than skin deep! Your skin is the largest organ, and it absorbs everything that you apply onto it. So why not choose organic? Prevention is always better than cure; if you wouldn’t eat it, why put it onto your skin? 
Indulge in our bespoke organic facials which use only certified, organic ingredients to transform your skin.  Imagine the goodness of organic botanicals being absorbed deeply into the many layers of your skin! Yes, feed it with clean beauty ingredients packed with antioxidants to nourish and promote your skin’s regeneration, while indulging in relaxing head and shoulder massages to calm your senses. Talk about killing two birds with one stone; truly time-saving!

  1. Avoid exposure to potentially harmful chemicals eg. chemotherapy and radiation therapy

Avoid exposure to potentially harmful chemicals 

The last thing you want, while battling physical illness, is to let any potentially harmful ingredients enter your body and interfere with your treatments. Always be mindful of common toxic beauty ingredients that are cancer-linked and reproductive-disrupting. Give yourself peace of mind with organic facials while you beat and recover from your illness. 
3. Suitable for pregnant ladies - No harsh chemicals to potentially harm your little one(s) 

Suitable for pregnant ladies

Babies are so precious as they are gifts from God. Your baby grows by taking in nutrients from you. Yea, high time to stop using conventional stuff.  It’s not safe for them or for you. Embark on a green beauty journey with organic facials to lift your worries about the harmful effects nasty ingredients have on the development of your growing baby. 
On top of this, as hormonal changes take a toll on your skin, our bespoke organic facials come in handy to address common skin changes such as increased sensitivity and acne breakouts.  
4. Gentle on sensitive skin - Great for nursing damaged skin back to health 

Best Barrier-Boosting Facial - Cryo Posh Organic Facial

Do you have damaged, red, thin and weakened skin barriers from post-lasers and abrasive treatments? Genetic conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis? Fret not! Be enthralled with our Cryo Posh Organic Facial (Best Barrier-Boosting Facial Award from CLEO Awards 2020 ) which soothes, repairs and strengthens your skin’s immunity, all in one session. 
5. Heal acne while you maintain a healthy barrier - No more acne marks and scars

Best Anti-Acne Organic Facial - Clear Skin Deluxe Hydra Facial 

Many acne treatments are, unfortunately, harsh, drying and moisture-stripping. These result in dry skin flakes and damaged skin barriers. 
What if I told you there’s a refreshing and hydrating organic facial that could take your skincare game to the next level? Yes, it’s none other than our signature facial - Clear Skin Deluxe Hydra Facial (Best Anti-Acne Organic Facial from Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa Awards 2021). It uses nature’s best acne-fighting ingredients to effectively tame your breakouts and remove your acne scars and marks, while hydrating your skin with precious, certified organic botanicals. Let your skin cells drink up the nutrients from the facial and get amazingly clean, clear and healthy skin!

  1. Defy ageing the all-natural way - Age gracefully without surgical interventions 

Best Organic Facial - Red Carpet Organic Facial

Yes, you heard it right! Organic facials are just as effective for anti-ageing! Get an instant lift without the surgery with our award-winning Red Carpet Organic Facial (Best Organic Facial from Harper’s Bazaar Spa Awards 2016). 
A natural, age-reversing alternative to surgical procedures, it is one of the most sought after, non-invasive firming technology with lifting effect that lasts. You can put off the need for surgery or even eradicate it, in some cases. This celebrity-endorsed facial luxuriates the skin and firms all 57 facial muscles to deliver fresh, youthful-looking skin. Organic botanicals and nutrient-rich serums lavish the face for unrivalled exuberance. You bet your skin’s age is gonna be younger than your biological age in a whish!
All our facials are bespoke organic and tailor-made to meet your skin’s needs and help you to achieve your skin goals.  So, go ahead and schedule an organic facial now to give your skin the love it deserves.  Book now to enjoy 20% off! (For new customers or existing customers who have not experienced these facials before) Oh, and do share this blog with your loved ones; ‘jus coz good skin is meant for everyone.
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