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Skincare products be made gender-neutral

by admin 15 Jul 2021
Skin health care, essential but often underrated by men, has taken center stage these past two years because of maskne, rashes and severe sensitivity arising from prolonged wearing of masks and facing the computer blue rays for hours. 
In addition, the mixed emotional roller coaster of stress, fear and anxiety derived from Covid triggered the androgen hormone to increase sebum production; causing persistent breakouts, clogged pores, comedones such as blackheads, rough and thick skin texture for some men.
On top of this, if you fall under the category of men who smoke and do not apply sunscreen, then your skin age will have a high chance of experiencing premature ageing.

Men’s skincare

Men’s skincare ... Is it really necessary?
Solution - Skincare products women use can be used on men, and vice versa; for example, Hyaluronic Acid, one of the main ingredients in our award-winning Megaboost Hyaluronic Acid + Concentrate Serum, works wonders to increase the skin’s hydration of both sexes. Nothing these organic goodnesses can’t fix #bareskinrocks 
Then why are there men’s skincare ranges… And the truth about it. 
Studies show 80% of men feel uncomfortable using women's skincare.  Hence, brands ‘man up’ their packaging, marketing message and scents to coax men into using their skincare ranges.
But, really, it’s the ingredients that count.  Turn to the back label and have a good read. You’ll realise the same ingredients are used in both the so-called female and male skincare products.  
Look for products that are suitable for your skin conditions 
Everyone's skin is unique; and that’s why choosing skincare should be based on skin needs and goals; rather than on gender.  
Mmmm… But how, as a layman, are you going to know which and what products work for you? Aha! Thank God there’s this thing called skin consultation.  Simply click on and kickstart your skin transformation by booking a detailed consultation https://keworganics.com/consultation/ with our green beauty professionals.  They will identify the root causes of your skin problems and nib them at the butts with Kew Organics’ water-based, certified organic, vegan and non-GMO skincare products and bespoke organic facials.  
Look for something fail-proof to kickstart?

Hydra-Balancing Set

If you’re well versed with your skin conditions, skip the consultation part and dive straight in with our ultimate skin saviour, the Kew Organics Hydra-Balancing Set

  1. Clear Skin Treatment Essence - Boosts and preps skin layers for deeper absorption and long-lasting hydration 
  2. Megaboost Hyaluronic Acid + Concentrate Serum - Acts as a humectant to draw and lock in hydration throughout the day
  3. Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist - Seals and protects your skin's moisture barrier 24/7

This Hydra-Balancing Set, regardless of age, gender and skin type, is your gateway to owning clear and healthy skin; a win for everyone.  Yeah to unisex beauty
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