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This could be you if your post facial care is mishandled!

by admin 31 Oct 2021

“There’re so many choices”

As consumers become more affluent and educated, the need to improve their appearance and delay aging becomes more imperative.  This motivation leads to an increase in invasive cosmetic procedures which improve the physical appearance for some, while, gone wrong for others.

Contemporaneously, non-invasive treatments using licensed and approved machines such as Radio Frequency (RF / FSR), Micro Current (EMS), low wavelengths lasers (IPL) are available at beauty salons; performed by professionally trained beauticians.

With so many choices, I would urge consumers to read up more and find out from your therapist if the treatment that you are interested in is suitable for your condition.

When facials gone wrong

Having been in the business for almost two decades, I heard all sorts of dreadful facial experiences from friends and customers.  Here’s 2 most unforgettable ones:

Story 1 – “A beautician sold me a bottle of cream containing some form of acid but did not give proper usage advise.  I thought it was a moisturizing cream so I left it on for almost 2 hours! To my horror, it stripped off the melanin on my entire face, leaving it as white as ghost! The only normal skin (and color) left was my eye and mouth area.” <G.T>

Story 2 – “I signed up for some unlimited laser programs from a doctor-administered aesthetic clinic and was told to do the treatment daily so as to achieve optimal results for my pigmentation problems. Soon, I noticed my skin was very weak and thin, roared with redness and sting from the slightest touch.  I had to stop the laser treatments and seek help from natural remedies to nurse my skin back to normal.” <Y.B>

My Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR) ordeal due to my own negligence

Now’s my turn to share with you my own horrendous experience. 

Years ago, I did a laser treatment and did not follow the therapist’s aftercare instructions (Yup, that’s me being over-confident; not good in this case).  What I did was I cleansed my face with Vitamin C scrub cleanser and went to bed.  The next day, I woke up to a rude shock ravage! My face was swollen, red, very sore, and painful.

Warning! What you are going see below may be disturbing. Proceed at your own discretion


Ouch~ See the scorching red marks so raw.

The After Care

Thankfully, I could go to my salons to do our Cryo Posh organic Facial. 

Kew Organics Award Winning Facial - Cryo Posh Organic Facial

This award-winning bespoke facial uses intense cold temperature to contract and dilate the blood vessels, causing an increase of blood and oxygen flow to the skin, acting as a catalyst to escalate the healing and cell regeneration process.  For home care, I used products loaded with peptides to sustain the results from the facial. 

My skin recovered within a month, and I must say it is healthier and firmer. 

See the regained confidence smile :)

Lesson well learnt

This experience is also the driving force for me to research and develop my Needleless skin care line Needle-less – Kew Organics.  This range is formulated with medical grade ingredients along with an efficient delivery system; thus, products work effortlessly in ensuring a desirable optimized result. With the advance engineered ingredients, you may not need to engage in invasive aesthetic procedures afterall!

PS: I DID IT! Will be sharing in next blog on the newly launched med-grade organics skincare range by Kew Organics


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