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Transform your skin the effective and hassle-free way!

by admin 31 Jan 2021
Most of us will agree the anxiety, stress and uncertainty brought upon by Covid have taken a toll on our skin.  Skin problems such as sudden breakout aka maskne, dullness, dehydration, sensitivity, and premature aging are rather common these days.  Fret not! We’ve got you covered with our quick, effective affordable and luxurious organic treatments.  Transforming your skin has never been easier.  Ready? Then let’s go! 
Sugar K Organic Peel
For clear, healthy & makeup-free skin - Achieve blemish-free and glowing skin complexion, 'tis it!
Our Signature Sugar K Organic Peel helps to slough off excess dead skin cells and boost the skin renewal process. We have replaced the chemical-based ingredients with hydrating botanical extracts such as Sugar Cane that are gentle yet effective. This non-invasive treatment is suitable for most skin types and addresses various skin concerns. The result is, your skin will be so clear and healthy that you do not have to wear makeup because you do not have anything to cover up! A dream come true!
Sugar K Hydra Oxygen
For plump, hydrated & glowing skin - Pure precious oxygen coupled with our fresh, organic, and vegan skincare
There can never be too much hydration! Do you know that dehydrated skin is the number one skin issue of the root cause contributing to other problems? Living in a hot and humid climate like Singapore, the environment draws moisture from your skin. Go deep with this treatment to intensively replenish your hydration level and normalise the pH acid mantle. On the other hand, pure precious oxygen is infused into the skin to promote your skin renewal process. Welcome fresh, glowing and dewy skin!
Sugar K LED Organic Treatment
For all skin conditions - Speeds up collagen production, treats maskne, removes acne scars and marks, lightens pigmentation
Just like plants, your skin needs oxygen, light, water, and nutrients. We have combined certified organic water-based skincare and LED wavelengths to perform various skin enhancements such as boosting collagen, reducing acne bacteria, preventing pigmentation, desensitizing skin, and preventing age-loss. It delivers a myriad of benefits to rejuvenate skin and build resilience against environmental stressors.
Sugar K Cryo Posh Organic
For red, damaged & sensitive skin - This cooling therapy is soothing to the skin and also aids in collagen production
Are you experiencing sudden breakouts, spiked in sebum production, uneven and dull skin tone, sensitivity or eczema from prolonged wearing of masks? Temperature as low as minus 15-degree celsius instantly soothes and calms the skin, improving sensitivity, irritation, itch, skin flakes, and inflammation. Just what you need to kiss goodbye to sensitivity or maskne!

Sugar K Skin Gym Organic Treatment

For toned & firm skin - A gym workout for the 57 facial muscles; delivering toned and well-defined face contour
Want to have skin age younger than your biological age? Indulge in this non-invasive, age-defying treatment! It is a gym workout for your face sans the pain, soreness and tiredness. Using the technology of micro-current, it exercises your facial muscles to build elasticity and resilience, lift your skin without surgery and defy the ageing process  so you’ll look fresh and youthful. 
Book now to enjoy 10% off
Text <your name> <Sugar K> to 8809 0065 to transform your skin effectively and effortlessly.  Valid for new customers only.

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