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We now have an in-house formulation lab!

by Joey Tay 29 Nov 2023

The cat is out of the bag – we’ve established our very own in-house formulation lab!

Since Kew Organics was founded 9 years ago, we’ve always worked with third-party manufacturers in Singapore and Canada to formulate our products. With her expert knowledge in skincare, founder, Lily Kew, has always been hands-on at every step of the production process, from research to sourcing to testing and more. However, the goal has always been to some day formulate our own skincare, in-house, to ensure continuous innovation, sustainability and complete control over the manufacturing process.

trying out the different scents

But what does this mean for you, our customers?

Improved formulas customised for you

getting hands on with our new creations

Our customers have always been at the crux of why we do what we do. With our in-house formulation lab, we get full control to directly tweak and improve existing products based on our customers’ feedback and/or come up with innovative new formulations that are better tailored to what our customers really need. Plus, without the long and complex back-and-forth process with external entities, we get to save months in communication and accelerate the whole manufacturing process. This means you get to look forward to new and improved products real soon!

discussions on formulations

More attractive price points

Our goal has always been to make high quality, skin-loving organic products affordable and accessible for anyone and everyone who wants to achieve clear, healthy skin. Now that we get to source for our own raw materials and manufacturers, we have greater control over costs, enabling us to pass on these savings to you. We remain dedicated to sourcing for safe and effective skincare actives, including certified organic and fair-trade raw materials, many of which are being used by the other leading skincare brands. But now, you can benefit from those wonderful ingredients too, at better, more affordable pricing. 

As we approach our 10-year anniversary, expect not only new and improved formulas coming your way, but a brand new look to our packaging. Watch our social media pages for a first look at our new packaging!


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