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When Should You Start Introducing Skincare to Your Kids?

by Shermaine Chua 22 Nov 2023

As parents, we most likely started our kids on skincare when they were babies, using various oils and lotions in between bath time to help their skin stay soft and hydrated. Somewhere along the way, we may have stopped for no reason other than our children becoming more independent. 

Being the largest organ of the human body, the skin offers a protective role, acting as a barrier to protect our bodies from environmental factors including the sun and pollutants. An effective skincare routine can help keep skin healthy and skin barrier strong. But skincare for kids – how old can we start them, you ask? As a general guideline, starting kids on a skincare routine at around the age of five would be ideal. Children tend to have more sensitive skin as compared to adults so it’s also crucial that their skincare routine be made up with gentle formulas without any harsh chemicals or nasties in them. 

Here’s a simple skincare routine we recommend for young children:

Gentle cleanser

cleanse with gentle cleanser

Cleansing the skin twice daily stands as a fundamental step in any skincare routine (including yours!). Nightly face-washing removes accumulated dirt and bacteria, preventing their build-up on the skin’s surface. Meanwhile, morning cleansing ensures a clean canvas for the subsequent steps in the skincare routine to be absorbed into the skin. 

When choosing a cleanser, pick one that is gentle even on sensitive skin, such that it’s free from any harsh chemicals and that it doesn’t strip away the natural oils already on the skin. Our recommendation would be the Perfectly Cleansed Facial Soap. Its ultra hydrating formulation is rich in natural vitamins and precious minerals that will deliver clean, healthy and hydrated skin. 


nourish skin with moisturizer

A good moisturiser will replenish the skin’s moisture, locking it in together with nutrients, while protecting the skin from environmental irritants. Our Nature's Remedy Nourishing Moisturiser is exactly that and more. As a medium-weight, child-friendly moisturiser, it’s packed with wonderful organic ingredients like sunflower, mango and carrot extracts to deliver moisture straight into the skin while protecting against harmful environmental stressors.


stay protected with sunscreen

For all tweens, teens and adults alike, sunscreen is the most crucial step in any skincare routine, but perhaps more so for young skin given how delicate and sensitive they are. Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to irreparable and severe damage including a compromised skin barrier and heightened risk of skin cancer. In fact, research shows a strong correlation between sunburns in childhood and the development of skin cancer in adulthood.

Safeguard your child’s skin with a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen like our Ultra-Fluid Tinted UV Protector SPF 25. Its lightweight formula may seem unassuming but it boasts a range of powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and CoEnzyme Q10 to neutralise free radical damage.

Like brushing our teeth daily, the skin requires daily upkeep to stay healthy, look its best and function optimally. A skincare regimen in childhood does not need to be complicated but it does need to be consistent to establish healthy skin habits for life.

*Fun fact: Our founder, Lily Kew, always brings a travel-size bottle of our micellar water to keep her kids' hands and mouths clean after meals!


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Thoonen, K. et al. (2019) ‘Childhood Sun Safety at different ages: Relations between Parental Sun Protection Behavior towards their child and children’s own Sun Protection Behavior’, BMC Public Health, 19(1). doi:10.1186/s12889-019-7382-0. 

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