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Why “me” time matters now more than ever

by admin 07 Dec 2017

Life can be hectic, we get it. It’s far too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of work, family, friends and seemingly endless to-do lists. In the whirlwind of this momentum, we end up neglecting ourselves and feeling exhausted. Say “hello” to burn out.

A breaking point.

Before a looming crash happens, it’s important to press the “pause” button and carve out time for yourself.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “but I don’t have time for it.”

You may think you don’t. But I assure you, you do! You just need to manage your energy wisely.

Why should you create time for yourself?

“Me” time gives our brains a chance to reboot, improves concentration, increases creativity, enhances the quality of our relationships and even makes us more productive! Afterall, you can’t pour out of an empty cup. You have to take care of yourself first before caring for anyone else. You will be a better wife, friend, mother, daughter and employee because of it.

Be your best self.


Here’s how to get more:


1. Just close the door.

Step into your bedroom or bathroom and take some time to yourself. That’s right, just close it and don’t feel guilty. Take some quiet time to think and breathe deeply. P.S. turn that phone off too!

2. Reclaim your lunch break.

Take a few moments to listen to a podcast, read a book, walk outdoors or schedule a pampering appointment. Just 10 minutes a day makes a huge difference, it all adds up! Do something that makes you feel content and fulfilled!

3. Just say “no.”

Don’t overcommit when it comes to obligations, especially if you’re already feeling overwhelmed. Don’t be afraid to cancel plans. Don’t prioritise someone else’s needs over your own. Sometimes, we just need some quiet time to rest. Learn to clearly communicate your boundaries.

4. Schedule monthly facials.

Facials are an affordable luxury that will help you feel and look good. We only get one face so might as well take care of it. So go ahead, erase your stress while maintaining your youth at the same time.

5. Have weekly goddess time.

Goddess time is your time to take care of yourself and indulge in much-needed pampering. Whether it’s showering to candlelight with relaxing music, reading a book in bed, doing a face mask, soaking in a bubble bath, do what relaxes you and makes you feel beautiful. It’s a great way to de-stress and take care of yourself at the same time. Caring for yourself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.

6. Get out in nature.

Go for a bike ride, walk, run, or hike – just get up and go. Decompress. What everyday life takes away from us, nature gives us back. Man-made landscapes bombard us with stimulation and stress, whereas nature gives us a chance to slow down, process thoughts and replenish our minds. Nature is proven to lower blood pressure, cortisol levels and reduce stress; Mother nature heals.

Being selfish is a good thing.

So, go ahead and reclaim your life so you can be your authentic self! You’ll be more resilient to stressors and live a more fulfilled and happier life because of it.

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