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3-in-1 Lumi, Lift & Detox

by admin 15 Mar 2020

We know Rose Quartz has been used for centuries to harness powerful energies as it is made out by “absorbing its energy from mother earth”. What’s so special about these pink beauty gems? Yeah or nay? 
It’s a love affair! Well… In a nutshell, Rose Quartz holds the most powerful force in the entire universe, which is none other than love. It carries feminine power which attracts and manifests the feeling of compassion, warmth and harmony. At the same time, it dissolves bad toxic emotions that are trapped inside of you to restore our emotional state and bring you peace. Sounds mystical and unbelievable? Whether you believe in the power of energy or not, let’s go deeper on how it can help you to enhance beauty with amazing healing and anti-ageing abilities.

1. Lumi
Achieve a rosy glowing complexion without the use of makeup? Yes, it is possible! It’s all about working your inside and activating what’s underneath your skin. Rose Quartz harnesses wonderful healing power by emitting a soothing vibration to release tensions built in your facial muscles. Also, it stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow to your skin cells. What a better time to feed your skin with nutrients of certified organic skincare ingredients? Mmmmm...Your skin will look luminous with a beautiful flush. Talk about natural healthy and unrivalled exuberance glow.

2. Lift
Defy-ageing without the use of machines and get that non-surgical facelift. Think of it as a face workout. Massaging energises your skin cells and deep tissues. Hence, it increases collagen production to reverse the signs of ageing by increasing firmness and elasticity. We all know that our hands can only do this much. To further enhance the effects of massage, it is a great tool for salon treatments as the edge of the stone provides precision to target a specific area and reach the deeper layers of your skin. Rose Quartz has been used by the Egyptians for centuries to erase and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. By pulling your skin taut, it sculpts your face to lift and tighten sagging skin. Be awed by the final artwork of the craftsman aka the therapist face sculpting techniques. The results are almost instant, get ultra-rejuvenation and deliver a youthful skin complexion.

3. Detox
Remember sometimes when you wake up and your face looks very bloated? Puffy skin from the aftermath of a savoury supper or sobbing from your soap-opera of k-drama (especially your eye area). I mean yeah, we’ve all been there . No worries. We know the cure! Our trained therapists use Rose Quartz to improve your lymphatic drainage to expel accumulated toxins and fluids in your face. With feather-light soft pressure, your impurities will be swept and scraped to be drained off, hence clearing your skin from acne and pimples. Some see a reduction in hyperpigmentation. Guess what? The goodness does not end here, we can even decongest blocked noses such as sinus when it is done by a professional. It also increases your mental clarity, reduces brain fogging or relieves headaches from migraines. Say bye-bye to all your nasties, waste and congestions in your face. 3-in-1 lumi, lift and detox. Well… That’s how Rose Quartz helps to transform your skin. You can now enjoy a first trial Lumi-Lift Detox Organic Facial using Rose Quartz at $98 (Total 90 minutes treatment) U.P. $238. Early-bird promotion for the first 30 customers can enjoy complimentary bespoke eye treatment worth $100. Don’t miss out!

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