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Stretching your time and money

by admin 25 May 2019
Hey guys!

How is it going? Hope my previous blog on travel tips has been helpful to you guys :)

Today I am going to talk to you guys about stretching your minutes and also your money!

Juggling 4 outlets is not easy but because I have learnt how to maximise my time, it has allowed me to be a boss by day and mum by night for the past few years. We all know time is a rare commodity!

Want to know how I did it? Keep reading!

In the morning, I usually do not have time to sit down for breakfast. So I have been quite addicted to breakfast smoothies.
One of my favourite recipe - almond milk smoothie.

All you need are three simple ingredients:

1. Almond Milk
2. Frozen Bananas (cut up and freeze the night before)
3.Peanut Butter / Almond Butter
Mix everything above into the blender and blend away! If you want to make it extra healthy, add in some greens :)

Great for having it on-the-go to keep you full and energised for the day.

Walking Meetings
This activity is not very common in Singapore as most of us usually have meetings in a cafe or meeting room.
What is a walking meeting?

As the name suggests, it is literally having a meeting while walking! I love this activity as it allows me to have a little exercise yet get some work done at the same time.

Studies have shown that the act of walking leads to an increase in creative thinking.

It also leads to more honest exchange between the employees and are more productive than traditional sit-down meetings.
Of course, it is better to keep it to a maximum of three people for walking meetings to keep it effective.

Be sure to put on some sun protection when headed out, we do not want our skin to be overheated or worse develop pigmentation overtime.

Invest in quick facials

Many of my customers wonder why I can still have firm and hydrated skin even when I am 48. There is no botox or needles involved. It simply just regular quick facials.

I created the brand: Sugar K Organic Peel Bar to help time-strapped urbanites (like me) get that fresh, healthy and glowing skin without having to commit so much time.

Two of my favourite treatments are the SK Skin Gym Facial and Red Carpet Eye Treatment.

SK Skin Gym Facial

This treatment uses microcurrent technology to micro-massage the face, stimulate blood circulation and enhance skin’s firmness.

It also delivers more oxygen to the skin cells for clear, glowing, healthy skin. Promoting a naturally ‘lifted’ effect for a more youthful appearance

This treatment also stimulates lymphatic drainage to help the skin and the 57 facial muscles to expel toxins that may be trapped within the cells, lymph nodes and muscles.

How can you say no to firm and glowing skin??

Red Carpet Eye Treatment
This treatment also uses microcurrent technology to decongest, firm and brighten the fragile skin around the eyes.

Electroporation therapy allows for the electric pulses to penetrate further into the skin, smoothing out wrinkles, increasing blood circulation and hydrating the skin.

This pain-free stimulation reduces the appearance of eye-bags and dark under eye circles.

Now you guys know why I don’t really have any dark circles!

Hot tip: Add a spritz of toner into your serums for better absorption and also prolong the use of your serums!

That is it for now. Include #stretchitwithkew on instagram when you guys are following any of the tips above.

See ya and have a blessed week ahead!

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