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Travelling with Kew

by admin 27 Apr 2019

Hello everyone!
Hope you guys are enjoying life at the moment.

Today I would like to share some of my travel tips, hoping it will make travelling a lot more enjoyable and organised you guys!

Now travelling to countries with a different climate can be a little tricky as we do not know what kind of skincare products are suitable and we may not have the luggage room to bring our entire skincare collection!

Also, segregating what we pack is also really important as well. We don’t want to be opening up a messy luggage when we get to our destination and that’s not really a good start to our overseas trip.

Continue reading for more travel tips!

Image courtesy of www.calpaktravel.com

Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are life saviours when it comes to packing as I can organise my clothes according to the various categories such as t-shirts, dresses and jeans.

Nothing beats saving space and being organised when it comes to packing for your overseas trips.
They also come in various shapes and sizes depending on your needs.
See them in action here: https://www.calpaktravel.com/products/packing-cubes-5-piece-set-rose-gold

Cable Organisers

Don’t forget all your charging cables! Laptop, phone, headphone and camera chargers…. So many wires! One of my favourite ways is to organise them with adjustable cable reels.

There are many different types and sizes for cables with different thickness. My favourite place to get them is still the one and only daiso.

They are affordable and does the trick!

Skincare products

While I was travelling to Bangkok and London, I was still able to keep my skin’s PH balanced and thank goodness, my skin didn’t freak out.

You must be thinking that I most probably lugged the entire Kew Organics skincare range to the countries, but the truth is that I only relied heavily on two products! The first product is our Seriously Fresh Micellar Water - I used this to freshen up and keep my pores clean while on the go as even without makeup, we will still be exposed to all the dirt and pollution in the air.

The micelle molecules in our micellar water act like magnets to attract, entrap and fragmentize makeup, impurities and sebum without stripping off skin’s natural moisture.  Precious Rose and nutrient-rich Green Tea boosts collagen, prevent premature aging and unclog congested pores; leaving skin with a dewy, hydrated finish. The other product is our Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist - another one of my favourite ways to hydrate my skin for a longer period of time without having to apply more serum throughout the day. I specially formulated it to be a toner + serum, as I find that most mist out there provides hydration that does not last.
Spraying the mist throughout the day keeps our skin hydrated, cool and keeps the PH balanced. When our skin’s PH is balanced, then it can work to its optimum - fighting stress and environmental stressors.
Alright, that’s all for my travel tips.
Hope you guys stay happy, healthy and most importantly embrace that makeup-free skin! If you guys are going overseas, #makeupfreeskinwithkew or tag us @keworganics & @glowwithsugark in your photos!

Stay safe and have a blessed weekend :)

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