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Tips on achieving healthy skin - part 1

by admin 01 Feb 2019

Hello organic lovers!
Life has been fruitful and rewarding as I got to travel to many different countries in 2018. During this period, many people came up to me to ask what foundation I am wearing or how I do my makeup. But the truth is that, I am not wearing any foundation at all! All I did was simply to keep my skin healthy. Well, what does having healthy skin means? Here’s a little checklist:


ð      Even skin tone


ð      Smooth Texture


ð      Hydrated Skin Didn’t check anything on the list? Fret not, not everyone is able to achieve all 3 points mentioned above as there are factors like environmental aggressors and various lifestyle habits that get in the way sometimes. Wanna know more on how to achieve healthy looking skin the chemical-free way? Read on! As the saying goes, ‘You are what you eat’, hence, focusing on what we consume also affects our skin health. The food we eat gets digested and broken down into vitamins, minerals and amino acids that our body can use to build healthy skin. Choosing that enticing plate of nuggets instead of a juicy plate of fruits, would deter you from getting that strong and healthy skin.

With that, here are some healthy food dupes you guys can consider: Secondly, we gotta get movin’!


Exercise is the no. 1 step to achieving healthy skin as when we exercise, not only toxins are released from our body through sweat, our blood flow increases, allowing oxygen and nutrients to be carried throughout the body and these nutrients are valuable in invigorating our skin and maintaining its health. 

Here are some effective ways to introduce some cardio into our daily routine to get our hearts pumping:

1. 15 Minute Squats and Jumping Jacks - helps to build strength and improve your stamina.


2. Boxing - one of my favourite ways to keep my mind focused, release the tension in my shoulders (from all that sitting and staring into the computer for hours. Break out into a sweat and look fresh-faced in no time! Besides our arm and leg muscles, did you know that we have facial muscles as well? These muscles are responsible for our frowns and smiles. But overtime, we develop laugh lines and wrinkles on our foreheads from our daily expressions. We can’t possibly stop ourselves for making any expressions as no one is ever worry-free right?

How do we fix it? Skin Gym to the rescue!!

Our Bespoke Organic Skin Gym facial is a comprehensive ‘cross-training face gym workout’ using a combination of energy technology, holistic massage techniques and premium organic skincare products. It tones the skin, diminish lines and instantly lifts the skin. Look ageless in no time!

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more tips on how to achieve healthy skin…..

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