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Tips on achieving healthy skin - part 2

by admin 11 Mar 2019

Hello peeps!
Time flies! Chinese New Year is over just like that. Hope you guys enjoyed yourself during this festive season. Well, I bet many of you feasted on the yummy snacks and scrumptious steamboat, putting your skin under so much pressure that it needs a little TLC! Now where was I previously? Ah yes, we talked about eating healthy and exercising to keep our hearts pumping. Without further ado, let’s jump right into more tips on how to achieve healthy skin, shall we?

Beauty Sleep
Ever wondered why its called Beauty Sleep? That’s because having enough sleep will literally bring you a step closer to having clear and glowy skin.What happens when we have a good night’s sleep?

When we sleep well, our brain flushes itself with spinal fluid, washing away the metabolic waste of the day. That is why we feel mentally and physically refreshed after a solid night’s sleep. Beyond that, our body produces growth hormones and collagen which helps with cell and tissue repair. Our body also rehydrates itself which helps to make the  fine lines and wrinkles less visible. Lastly, getting a good night’s rest helps us feel more relaxed and calm, allowing the skin to recover and feel fresh, preventing it from flaring up.

Organic and Natural Skincare
More often than not, we are buying products off the shelves to cater to our skin TYPE. But what we should actually do is to apply the skin care products more suited to our skin CONDITION.

What’s the difference between skin type and skin condition?

The two factors mentioned above are not mutually exclusive! There are many different types of skin condition that can exist for different skin types as well. A person can have dry, acne-prone and sensitive skin all at once. A person can also have combination, acne-prone and sensitive skin all at once as well. Hence, you need to choose products that can help with your existing skin condition and not just your skin type.

Some of the must-haves products suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin includes our alfalfa and fig spot solution serum as well as our megaboost serum.

Alfalfa helps to detoxify and clear clogged pores while fig extract heals acne and tames the acne-causing bacteria.

Hyaluronic acid present in our megaboost serum offers hygroscopic properties which attract and bind moisture to the skin and most importantly rich in antioxidants to help kill off free radicals, reducing skin sensitivity.

Healthy and even-toned skin can still be achieved with a little help from our fresh, vegan and most importantly organic skincare products.

Quick Facial Treatments
Ever wanted to intensely hydrate your skin in a short amount of time? Our Oxygen Infusion treatment exists for that very reason! Precious oxygen together with our fresh, organic skincare products is being infused into the skin, intensely replenishing your skin’s hydration level. It helps with cell regeneration, instantly perking up the skin for a healthy and natural glow! All ready? Embark on your healthy skin journey with Kew Organics now!

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